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All About Accommodations

Two female students walking on Samson Plaza at TUEvery semester, students can request accommodations through Student Access. These accommodations can range from extended time on exams, meal plan accommodations, interpreters, notetaking assistance, and more (additional examples listed below.) Here we outline the purpose of accommodations and the process of obtaining them such as how to submit an Accommodation Request Form. It’s never too late to request accommodations, but the earlier you’re able to get in contact with Student Access to begin the process, the better!  

What’s the point of accommodations? 

Accommodations give you a level playing field. When you live with a chronic condition or are in a hard moment in your life, your functioning can suffer and not be at the same level as your classmates. Accommodations are not advantageous or a leg-up; accommodations are something you need to make your experience at TU comparable to your peers who don’t require accommodations. You deserve this! We want to help you and so do your professors!  

Examples of accommodations offered: 

  • Extended time on exams 
  • Taking exams in a distraction-reduced environment 
  • Computer use for exams 
  • Notetaking assistance 
  • Recording lectures 
  • Priority registration for classes 
  • Documentation of ongoing medical absences 
  • Notifications for allergies 
  • Alternative formats such as textbooks 
  • ASL interpreting 
  • Preferential seating in classes 
  • Housing and meal plan accommodations 

How do I apply for accommodations? 

Go to your browser and type, “” Bookmark this page because you’ll want to come back to it! Scroll down to the box that says “Students” and click it. This will direct you to a How to Apply banner where you will click “Application for Accommodations”. Answer the questions and upload relevant documentation. Here is a direct link to the application. After submitting these materials, wait for Student Access to respond within 5-7 business days. Here is a short video to walk you through the steps of applying. 

What kind of documentation do I need? 

You will need a letter, email, or other statement from your healthcare provider (doctor, PA, therapist, etc.) listing your diagnosis and the resulting functional limitations. This means explaining how your accommodations impact your ability to perform as a student. 

What if I don’t have documentation? 

Get with Student Access Staff and we will help you get connected! 

Important Information for ESAs (Emotional Support Animals): Your healthcare provider must complete our form entitled “Confidential Recommendation for Assistance Animal.” 

I’m not sure if I need accommodations. 

Give us a call or an email! We will walk you through the process! 

What type of diagnosis do I need for accommodations? 

The diagnosis you live with can be physical, educational, or a mental health condition. It can be chronic (or long-term) or acute (short-term). If you’re not sure about how we can help you, just ask us and we will work with you! 

I received a letter saying my accommodations were approved now what? 

You will meet for what’s called an R&R meeting (Rights and Responsibilities) with your listed Student Access Advocate. Make an appointment with the listed advocate, and then the two of you will discuss your accommodations, your rights and responsibilities as a student, how to implement your accommodations and get you connected with any other services you need.  

Signing your Rights & Responsibilities 

After you receive notice of your approved accommodations, you will meet with Student Access to review your Rights and Responsibilities. This is a meeting in which Student Access will explain your rights as a student and your responsibilities as a student with accommodations. You will electronically sign a form, review your accommodations, and learn how to implement your accommodations with your Student Access Advocate. Make sure that you schedule this appointment as soon as you receive your notice of approved accommodations! 

We are always here to help you. Just reach out and we will be here! 

How to contact Student Access: 

Phone: 918-631-2315   Email: