Anthropology professor Belmaker presents at two conferences in Calgary - The University of Tulsa

Anthropology professor Belmaker presents at two conferences in Calgary

Friday, April 11, 2014

TU anthropology professor presents research findings on Armenian site

Dr. Belmaker is presenting her work on Armenia in the Paleoanthropological Society meeting in Calgary (April 8-9, 2014). This paper titled, Preliminary Results from the Renewed Excavations from Peshcka Cave: A Stratified Middle and Upper Paleolithic Cave in the Lori Plateau, Armenia, is co-authored by two graduate students, Colleen Bell (Anthropology) and Cas Bridge (Geoscience). This work has been funded by a Faculty Internationalization Grant for Interdisciplinary Development as well as two Faculty Research grants. For more information see

In addition, Dr. Belmaker is co-authoring a presentation in the the 83rd annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists which will be held April 8-12, 2014 in Calgary, Alberta Canada. This presentation titled, Stable isotope ecology of modern micromammals from the Sterkfontein Valley: Implications for habitat reconstruction in mosaic environments, is authored by P.A. Sandberg and other co-authors. This presentation is a result of an NSF collaborative research grant focusing on Rodent Diets and Habitat Reconstructions in South Africa.

Miriam Belmaker