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International Transcript Evaluation

To ensure a fair review of your academic achievements, and ensure all students are awarded the appropriate merit scholarship award, The University of Tulsa now requires all international undergraduate applicants who have attended school outside of The United States of America will be required to submit their transcripts through a NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) approved evaluator. You can read more about approved credential evaluators.

The University of Tulsa encourages the use of World Education Services (WES) or Spantran. Because of the fee incurred by this service, TU’s $50 application fee will be waived. All international undergraduate applicants must submit a credential evaluation from an approved NACES credential evaluator service.

Credential Evaluator Services

WES Credential Evaluation – Incoming freshman students should complete a document-by-document evaluation. Transfer students should submit a course-by-course evaluation.

Spantran Spantran has created a custom application for The University of Tulsa that will make sure you select the right kind of evaluation at a discounted rate.

Other approved credential evaluators are available.

Why WES?

WES/World Education Services is a 45+-year-old non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping international students, immigrants and refugees achieve their educational and career goals by advocating for the recognition and acceptance of the academic credentials they have already earned. Since 1974, WES has provided credential evaluations to nearly 3 million individuals from more than 200 countries.

A WES evaluation advantages both the applicant and the recipient:

  • WES evaluations are prepared on official records from the issuing institutions (either in sealed envelopes or via a direct digital transmission – over 7500 institutions now send WES official records electronically).
  • WES evaluations are completed in 7 business days following the “all documents are complete” emailed notification.
  • WES delivers completed evaluations and copies of the authenticated documents to over 2500 colleges, universities, employers and licensing boards via a secure electronic platform. The reports are delivered 15 minutes after completion and typically applicants do not have to submit a second set of official transcripts; the copies from WES are accepted as official by the recipient.
  • WES evaluations never “expire.” Applicants can order duplicate copies at any time for future use (further education, employment, licensing, immigration), whenever they want to share the authenticity and equivalency of their education earned outside of the US.