International Transfer Credit - The University of Tulsa

International Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Eligibility

  • You must complete the final 45 credit hours of your program at The University of Tulsa in order to receive a degree.
  • TU does not require secondary school transcripts if you have successfully completed more than 48 semester hours of academic credit.
  • You must be in good standing at the institutions you have attended.
    • If you have been dismissed or suspended from any college or university, TU will not consider you for admission for at least one year.
    • TU will not apply credit from another college or university during the dismissal period unless approved by the readmitting dean.
  • Students who were dismissed by The University of Tulsa must petition the dean of their college of enrollment for readmission.
  • TU also accepts IB, AP, and A-Level (with department approval) credits, but if you complete these exams in secondary school, you will be considered a freshman.