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Other Students

Concurrent Enrollment (High School – Fall, Spring & Summer Semesters)

Exceptional high school students pursuing college coursework.

The Concurrent Application will be available for the Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 terms once the course schedule for those terms is posted.

Non-Degree-Seeking (Summer Only)

Students who are currently attending another university or anyone who does not plan to earn a degree at TU, but would like to earn credit at TU during the summer terms

Non-Degree-Seeking (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Students who pursue course credit to meet prerequisites for professional or graduate school, to obtain teaching certification or conduct student teaching under the auspices of The University of Tulsa, or to develop professionally or personally without the intent of earning a degree

  • Submit a Non-Degree Seeking Application and $50 application fee.
  • Submit official transcript from the last institution attended or degree-granting institution
  • Must receive approval after earning 15 semester hours to take additional courses
  • May apply credits earned toward a degree program if later admitted as a degree-seeking student
  • May not receive university or government funded financial aid
  • TU course schedules are available.


If you wish to audit a course for no credit, please contact the Life Long Learning program.