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Breaking Barriers in Brazil

I decided to study abroad the summer before my senior year of college. The short reason for why I decided to do this was that I knew I would never get another chance to do something like this again in my... MORE


Life (Abroad) After Graduation: Abbey

Life after graduation… It can be a daunting thought. There’s a lot of planning that takes place throughout college, and it all leads up to the big question seniors hear day in and day out during their final semester: “So,... MORE


University School Seeks Students

University School seeks students who are able learners from age three through the eighth grade. University School has been a leader in the field of gifted education since its inception in 1982. We provide a challenging yet nurturing environment for our... MORE


Communicating in Korea

Due to the fact that my family and I are Korean and I speak the language fluently, I feel that during my time in Korea people treated me as a true Korean. This sometimes confused people, but it also gave... MORE


Life (Abroad) After Graduation: Bea

Graduation day: the single most highly anticipated day of a college student’s educational career. Many thoughts go through the excited soon-to-be-graduate’s head, such as: “What’s next?” Some paths are more defined than others. Some graduates have always known what they... MORE


CGE Peer Advisor Applications Now Open!

Have you studied abroad? Are you looking for an exciting on-campus job for the academic year? The Center for Global Education is looking for 4 new part time Peer Advisors to join the study abroad team for the academic year... MORE


A Letter from Lille

Four weeks ago, I took the daring step of traveling alone to Lille, France. When I departed for this journey, I knew only one student in my entire program. In the beginning, it was tough – being almost completely alone... MORE

Beachside at sunset in the Santo Antonio barrio of Florianopolis.

Why You Should Choose a Homestay

There are a lot of reasons people choose to study abroad. You may want to see the world, experience a different culture, learn a new language or just get away to somewhere that helps you grow and flourish as a... MORE