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Career Services

We’re here to help you transition from life at The University of Tulsa to your dream profession.

  • Decide on a major and explore career options
  • Plan for graduate studies
  • Find internships to complement your education
  • Land the ideal job

Student Outcomes

Interested in seeing the outcomes for the TU graduates? These reports will give you a detailed look at where students have landed following graduation.

Explore Golden OpporTUnities Handshake Online

The Golden OpporTUnities Handshake website is your online connection to tools and resources to help you land that perfect job.

Don’t want to blow that interview with your dream company? Thinking of changing your major and not sure which majors best fit your interests? Golden OpporTUnities Handshake is your go-to source for help anytime you need it.

Brittany Hess

Brittany Hess

“My idea of the professional world turned out to be very different than I thought.”...

Steve Green

Steve Green

How did Steven Green go from getting a Bachelor of Arts Degree to working for...