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Current Efforts

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Current Efforts
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iStand Campaign

The iStand campaign features a multitude of university personnel, including President Upham, describing the reasons they stand against sexual violence. Through this endeavor, the Alliance hopes to help foster a campus culture in which violence is not tolerated.

Poster Campaigns

The Alliance has completed several waves of posters that display useful information related to various forms of violence and resources available to TU students. For example, in the fall of 2013, the “Red Flag Campaign” was utilized campus-wide as a public awareness campaign designed to address the issue of dating violence and promote its prevention on college campuses. The campaign encouraged students to speak up and act when they see warning signs (or red flags) of dating violence in their own or others’ relationships. View additional recent poster campaigns sponsored by Advocacy Alliance.

View past year’s iStand Campaign poster.

Red Flag Campaign

Also in fall 2013, the first part of the “Red Flag Campaign” was launched campus-wide. The Red Flag Campaign is a public awareness campaign designed to address dating violence and to promote the prevention of dating violence on college campuses. It encourages students to speak up and act when they see warning signs (or red flags) for dating violence in relationships of those around them.

Clothes Line Campaign

clothesline-photo-2014The Clothesline Project is a visual display intended to bear witness to interpersonal, including sexual, violence. Since 2013, the clothesline has been displayed annually on TU’s campus during the week of homecoming. Shirts displayed on the clothesline are designed by students, faculty, or staff at TU to tell their own story, the story of a loved one, or to make general comment on the issue of dating, sexual, or other interpersonal violence. The purpose of this project at TU is to raise awareness regarding the prevalence and impact of sexual and other forms of interpersonal violence, as well as to support survivors in their healing process.

HAVEN: Online Student Sexual Education Course

Since 2012, the university has provided a required online course for incoming students on sexual violence. In fall of 2014, that mandated program was expanded to the entire student body. Every student must pass the online sexual misconduct course in order to register for classes at TU.

There are many other ways that the university has actively worked to eliminate sexual violence on campus. Please contact the Violence Prevention Program Coordinator for more information.