Intramural Sports

Campus Recreation offers intramural sports to provide a variety of leisure opportunities to meet our students’ diverse needs and enhance their overall academic experience. All students are welcome.

Our intramural program is committed to offering quality programs, facilities and services to accommodate a wide range of student interests and abilities.

If you have suggestions or comments about our intramural program, please direct them to the intramural coordinator.

Register in the Campus Recreation Office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  For more information, call 918-631-2679.

Fall 2019

ActivityEntries OpenEntries CloseMgrs. MeetingPlay BeginsEntry Fee
4x4 Sand Volleyball (M,W,CR, Open)8/128/288/308/30N/A
Flag Football (M,W,CR, Open)8/128/299/99/9$50 Team
Tennis Singles (M,W)8/269/49/99/9N/A
Championship Golf Doubles (Open)9/29/119/169/16Pay @ Event
Badminton Singles (M,W)9/29/119/169/16N/A
Tennis Doubles (M,W,CR)9/99/189/239/23N/A
Pickelball (Open)9/99/189/239/23N/A
3 on 3 Basketball (M,W, Open)9/169/259/309/30$15 Team
Volleyball (M,W,CR, Open)9/2310/210/710/7$50 Team
Ultimate Season (Open)10/1410/2310/2810/28$35 Team
Hurricane Tip-Off Classic (M,W,Open)10/1410/2310/2810/28$35 Team
Table Tennis Doubles (M,W,CR)11/411/1311/1811/18N/A

Spring 2020

ActivityEntries OpenEntries CloseMgrs. MeetingPlay BeginsEntry Fee
Basketball (M,W,CR,Open)12/91/151/201/20$50 Team
Badminton Doubles (M,W,CR)12/91/151/201/20N/A
Table Tennis Singles (M,W)1/131/221/271/27N/A
1 on 1 Basketball (M,W)2/32/122/172/17N/A
2 Pitch Softball (M,W,CR,Open)2/102/192/242/24$50 Team
Dodgeball (Open)2/172/263/23/2$50 Team
Ultimate Tournament (Open)3/23/113/233/23$15 Team
Disc Golf (M,W)3/93/253/303/30N/A
Sand Volleyball Doubles (M,W,CR)3/93/253/303/30N/A
Spike Ball Tournament (Open)3/234/14/64/6N/A