These policies have been established to create a safe and productive academic and work environment. All university employees and students are expected to be familiar with these policies and to follow them.

University policies are subject to change at any time and faculty, staff and students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with current policies. Individuals with questions about a particular policy should contact the department noted in that policy.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

University’s policy on alcoholic beverages and use of drugs or illegal substances is in compliance with state and federal laws. The University provides for the sale of alcoholic beverages in certain locations and under certain circumstances, including through organizational activities (with prior approval).

In keeping with University policy respecting the rights of students as adult citizens, students are legally responsible and liable for the consequences of their actions. Status as a University student does not make students exempt from otherwise applicable laws.

The University of Tulsa Alcohol Policy

Identification Cards

All students and university employees must obtain an official identification card from Parking and Card Services. The TU ID Card must be carried at all times when on campus and presented to University officials upon request. Anyone who fails or refuses to show their card may be asked to leave the campus. While this requirement may seem restrictive, it is designed to serve the needs of all members of the campus community.

TU ID Cards

TU ID Cards are required for admission to the University libraries, computer labs, fitness center and residence halls, for access to many campus activities, and for check cashing identification at the business office.

TU ID Cards can also be used as a cash card on campus for purchase of food and other items.

Lost, Stolen and Damaged Cards

Please report lost or stolen cards to Parking and Card Services located in Fisher Hall. A $15 fee is charged to replace your TU ID card.

Card Status

TU ID Cards are not transferable and are void upon interruption or termination of enrollment/employment with the university.

Caring for Your TU ID Card

Your card uses three types of technology. The card has a barcode on the back for use in the library, a magnetic swipe on the back for your meal plan and Hurricane Gold accounts, and a proximity antenna for campus door access. It is important to follow some simple steps to insure the operation of your ID card as replacement costs $15.

Do not punch a hole in the card to carry it on a chain. If you want a hole punched in the card, please bring it to Parking and Card Services and let the staff punch the hole in the correct location to avoid damage to the circuitry of the card.

Do not use your ID card as an ice scraper; it will damage the circuitry for the proximity array and also possibly break the card.

Do not wash and/or dry your ID card; it will make the card brittle and easy to break.

Do not run a magnet across the magnetic strip.

Do not expose the card to extreme temperatures.

For additional information regarding your ID card, please visit Parking/Card Services, Fisher Hall or call 918-631-3360.

Missing Student

In compliance with the Missing Student Notification Policy and Procedures 20 USC 1092 C; (Section 488 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008), it is the policy of the Department of Housing and Residence Life to actively investigate any report of a missing student who is enrolled at TU as either a full- or part-time student. Each resident will be notified of the missing students’ policy and procedures in the event they are reported missing.

Each resident upon checking into their assigned room is requested via the Resident Student Check-In Card (RSCC) to identify the name and contact number of the individual(s) to be contacted in case of an emergency, including in the event of the resident being reported missing for a period of no more than 24 hours. For any resident under the age of 18, and not an emancipated individual, the institution is required to notify a custodial parent or guardian no later than 24 hours after the time the resident is determined to be missing by the Office of Campus Security and university staff.

If a member of the TU community has reason to believe that a student is missing, all efforts will be made immediately (no waiting period) to locate the student to determine his or her state of health and wellbeing. These efforts include, but are not limited to, checking the resident’s room, class schedule, friends, ID card access, contacting the Office of Campus Security, locating the resident’s vehicle and calling cell phone numbers.

If upon investigation by the Office of Campus Security and Housing and Residence Life staff the resident is determined missing for at least 24 hours, the Dean of Students will contact the resident’s designated emergency contact or custodial parent or legal guardian. This action is justified if the student is under the age of 18 or has failed to designate an emergency contact. The Office of Campus Security will continue to investigate in collaboration with staff from Student Affairs and Housing and Residence Life. Campus Security will also coordinate its efforts with outside law enforcement agencies in full compliance with legal obligations and good faith practice.

Reporting a Missing Student

To report a suspected missing student, contact Housing and Residence Life Staff or the Office of Campus Security. If TU cannot contact the student or verify that he or she is using campus services, the student will be classified as missing and immediately take action on the following:

  • Submit an official missing person’s report to Campus Security. An investigation will be conducted and if it is determined the student has been missing for 24 hours, Campus Security will make contact with the designated confidential emergency contact person. If he or she is under 18 years of age, Campus Security will immediately contact the student’s custodial parent or legal guardian.
Timely Warning Policy

The University of Tulsa is responsible for issuing timely warnings in compliance with the Clery Act (formerly known as the Federal Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990).

The decision to issue a timely warning shall be decided on a case-by-case basis, in compliance with the act, and by considering all available facts. The timing of the notification shall, in the first instance, be based upon whether the crime is considered a serious or continuing threat to students or employees and the possible risk of compromising law enforcement efforts.

In the event that a situation arises that requires issuance of a warning, these warnings are provided to keep the campus community informed about safety and security matters on an ongoing basis and/or in an effort to prevent similar crimes from occurring.

Timely Warnings

Timely warnings usually are addressed for the following classifications: arson, burglary, aggravated assault, criminal homicide, motor vehicle theft, robbery and sex offenses. Timely warnings also may be issued for other crimes as deemed necessary. Upon receipt of all relevant information, such warnings will, as circumstances warrant, be issued in a manner to best protect the campus community.

Emergency Notification

TU will notify the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff on campus. Warnings will only be withheld if they would compromise efforts to contain the emergency. The Department of Campus Security and other university officials will gather and analyze reported facts, when appropriate, to verify that a legitimate emergency or dangerous situation exists.

For more information on the means of notification, visit https://utulsa.edu/offices/campus-security/campus-safety-measures/


When a determination has been made that a timely warning of emergency notification is appropriate, Campus Security will take action to ensure timely notification of the campus community including immediately contacting the Office Media Relations to arrange for media distribution. Options for notifying students, faculty and staff include TU’s emergency notification system.

Such warning(s) may include, but are not limited to, the following: type of crime, date, time and location of the crime as well as available suspect information.

Weapons Policy

Firearms, Air Rifles, Weapons, Explosives and Fireworks Policy

Firearms, air rifles, weapons (including knives with blades longer than four inches), explosives and fireworks are not permitted in any University building, on the campus grounds, or in vehicles on campus (except as provided herein) unless authorized by the University President (or their designee) or as required by law.

To the extent required by Oklahoma law, a lawfully possessed and stored handgun may be kept in vehicles parked in University parking spaces.  Effective November 1, 2019, to the extent required by Oklahoma law, a lawfully possessed and stored firearm, machete, blackjack, loaded cane, hand chain or metal knuckles may be kept in vehicles parked in University parking spaces.  Such weapons may not be removed from the vehicle.

 Firearms are strictly prohibited in on-campus housing.

Students and employees who wish to bring firearms or other weapons to campus even for a short duration of time must immediately register them with Campus Security and turn them over for storage, unless the weapon is one permitted to be lawfully kept in a parked vehicle as provided above. The University strongly encourages storing weapons with Campus Security, rather than in parked vehicles.

Violation of this policy will result in a minimum $250 fine and disciplinary action. The Residence Hall Association also has imposed significant financial penalties for possession of these items in housing. Refer to “Concealed Weapons” in this section for further details.

Concealed Weapons

Consistent with Title 21 Oklahoma Statutes sections 1277(F) and 1290.22, it is prohibited for anyone to carry a concealed weapon on the University of Tulsa’s campus, except: under specified conditions as set out in University of Tulsa policy,  if authorized by the University President (or their designee), or as required by law.

Violation of The University of Tulsa’s policies pertaining to concealed weapons will result in a minimum $250 fine and disciplinary action. Please contact the Office of Human Resources or the Office of Student Affairs for questions or additional information.