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Campus Services Initiatives

From pre-enrollment to post-graduation, our comprehensive array of campus services supports students and the TU community in all aspects of their college experiences. TU has launched a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing the needs of our campus community. Check back for the latest updates.



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Follett ACCESS delivers significant convenience and accessibility for all undergraduate students.

Follett ACCESS is a partnership between TU and the Campus Bookstore that allows you to have digital access or rent textbooks at a reduced cost. The charge is posted directly to your TU Tuition and Fees bill and can be paid along with your University charges or using financial aid.  Required textbooks and course materials are free for Fall 2022 Incoming students.

Initiated: Spring 2022
Status: Estimated completion June 2022

Additional Information:

Continuing Upperclass Undergraduate students click here for more information

Incoming/Transfer Students for Fall 2022 click here for more information

ACTIVE: Pat Case Dining Hall- Summer Makeover


As the campus returns to normal activity the vital hub of community life is returning.  The Pat Case dining hall will be receiving an updated look that includes a new salad bar, beverage station, and omelet station.  New tables and chairs, patio furniture, and pick-up food lockers with late-night meal options will enhance the dining experience.

Initiated: Summer 2022
Status: Estimated completion August 2022

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ACTIVE: Student Union Updates

Student Union


With so many changes on campus, the Union is no exception. There are exciting and helpful recent and upcoming changes that make visiting the Union as part of your daily and nightly routine, the thing to do. The biggest and most impactful upcoming change for the Union is it will be OPEN 24/7 starting in Fall 2022. With this exciting change, there will be some new reasons to visit the Union in the middle of the night including a 24-hour convenience store.

Changes to the food court are coming as well. Subway will be moving out into the food court and Sushi Blu will be moving across the food court. In Sushi Blu’s original location, there will be a brand-new event and informational concierge desk during the day and a security station for late-night security assistance. Sushi Blu will take the place of Tossed and the current Tossed venue will be expanded and will move over to be a part of the newly updated Pat Case Dining Center in Fisher Hall. Tossed will continue to be a part of the mobile order options. When your Tossed order is ready you will be able to pick up your salad in the refrigerator locker located at Pat Case.

But wait . . . there’s more exciting news! The University Bookstore is temporarily returning to the Union and will take the place of the Pat Case Dining Center in the Union. Now you will have all the convenience of the bookstore and its clothing, gifts, and supplies back in an accessible location.

We are upgrading the building too! We added Amazon Lockers to the east side of the South Patio, and over the summer we will be enhancing the patio with porch swings and other features to make life on the patio more inviting. All the first-floor food court booths will be redone this summer and bring with it a touch of blue.

Come visit the UNION, it will excite you!

Initiated: Summer 2022
Status: Estimated completion Fall 2022

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Enhanced campus housing assignment system(StarRez). StarRez allows not only Housing, but many of the Campus Services areas to offer a simplified, singular solution. Before StarRez, we were balancing 4 different software applications to offer our students and staff needs. With the purchase of StarRez, Campus Services staff have more time to focus on solving student’s needs, while also offering the students a more seamless approach to their housing and parking needs.

StarRez allows Campus Services to provide direct integration for multiple offices across campus such as Admissions, Bursars, Student Life, and more!

Initiated: January 2022

Status: Estimated completion July 2022


ACTIVE: Sorority Housing


In Summer 2022, we are continuing with our improvements that started with all new lighting in the Summer of 2019. This summer we will be updating all 6 Sorority Houses with a refreshing new palette, as well as adding carpet to their common areas too! The houses will choose their professionally-designed finishes and all the houses will be completed before they return in the fall.

Initiated: May 2022

Status: Estimated completion August 10, 2022

Additional Information: Follow us on Campus Services Facebook and Instagram

PLANNING: Student Union & Hurricane Hut

505Architects logo


The University plans to transform the Union to be more student-centric. With all the plans for the Union for Fall 2022, including being open 24/7, with a 24/7 convenience store, and the bookstore returning to campus (in the Union temporarily until its new home is complete), THESE ARE JUST THE BEGINNING.

The University is working with students and architects to prepare plans that will transform the second floor of the Union into the ultimate student gathering spot for individual study, group study, large events, and some seriously fun study breaks! And it doesn’t stop with the second floor, because we are also preparing for an EPIC RETURN of the HURRICANE HUT. Once the bookstore is settled into its new location, the Hurricane Hut will take its new, improved, and a rightful spot at the heart of the campus . . . the UNION.

Initiated: TBD
Status: Planning/prioritized



Provide easy, convenient food delivery from all your favorite restaurants in Tulsa or while you travel.

the Grubhub app for delivery or preorder pickup is the latest addition to the where Hurricane Dollars are accepted. TU and Grubhub have partnered to provide the TU community with unlimited free delivery and exclusive perks.

Initiated: October 2021
Status: Completed January 2022
Additional Information: Visit Grubhub delivers

COMPLETED: Amazon Lockers


Free, secure, and convenient amazon delivery pick-up system located at the Student Union.  This is available for the campus community 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Initiated: December 2021
Status: Completed March 2022

Additional Information: Visit Amazon Lockers

COMPLETED: Hurricane Health Center powered CareATC


Improve the health care for students and staff, designed to provide a more accessible and convenient option for the campus community.

The Hurricane Health Center powered by CareATC provides care and treatment of minor illnesses and minor emergencies for all full- and part-time students.  Also, faculty and staff, who are covered by the TU insurance plans may schedule an appointment for acute care. The center provides individualized health care with professional expertise at no cost.

Initiated: December 2021
Status: Completed January 2022
Additional Information: Visit Hurricane Health Center