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Career Planning Resources


Not sure what you want to major in?

Engage in the interest assessments offered by your career coach to explore degrees that align with your interests.

Not sure what you want to do with your degree?

Understand how your unique skills, personality, interests, and values can all relate to a career path that is best suited for you.

Need help with your resume, cover letter, or job application?

Make the most out of the materials that you are presenting to future employers by getting it reviewed by your career coach.

Need to practice you interview skills?

Polish your answers and build confidence by practicing and participating in virtual mock interview sessions with a career coach.

Need help finding a job, internship, or practical experience?

Learn how to research potential employment opportunities via Handshake with your career coach.

Need help networking?

Build connections with alumni mentors and future employers through utulsaconnect and a variety of virtual networking events.

Reach out to your career coach!

Most of us hope to find careers that stimulate our interests, suit our personalities, and make good use of our abilities. The variety of activities and tasks that comprise the world of work makes it difficult to choose the right career path. Consider your career a lifelong learning process to hone your values, skills, interests, and abilities.

Completing The University of Tulsa’s challenging curriculum is the first step toward a solid foundation of learning. Equally important is establishing good habits in identifying your specific interests and strengths to increase the likelihood of having an interesting and rewarding career.

The University of Tulsa has developed a process for evaluating your career choices that will serve you well throughout your life. Follow these suggested activities to find your best career path.


Exploration is the first phase, a time to ask big questions, take a proactive approach to figure out what’s important to you. CCDPE staff, activities, and resources will help you identify your strengths, skills, interests, and values and understand how they relate to your choice of a major and career.


The second phase develops effective skills and your personal brand, tools, and strategies you’ll need to secure an internship or full-time position.

  • Handshake
  • Big Interview
  • Career Labs
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Interview Preparation
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation and Completion
  • Mock Interviews
  • Graduate / Professional School Application and Interview Preparation


In the third phase – gain experience – be bold, keep an open mind, and take advantage of every opportunity to learn. Gain experience on campus through class projects, research, clubs, study abroad, and leadership opportunities. Then enhance your skills even more with off-campus internships, externships, or co-op positions.


The fourth phase helps you identify contacts, forge relationships, and strengthen connections in your professional network. Advice about career paths, industries, and organizations can help you uncover opportunities and make informed choices.