CaneCareers is Virtual.

CAREER COACHING – Schedule virtual coaching appointments directly through Handshake or by email at

EMPLOYER EVENTS & OPPORTUNITIES – All employer events and on-campus interviews will be conducted virtually. Job postings and employer events will be updated daily on Handshake.

  • $63,215 early average salary
  • 94% placement rate
  • $104,600 mid average salary
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Handshake is your online connection to tools and resources to help you explore careers and land that perfect job. Use it for quick access to job listings, to RSVP for career fairs and other events, or to sign up for on-campus interviews.

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Mission Statement

Empower students and alumni with the confidence to achieve professional success through exploring careers, developing skills, gaining experience, and building connections while actively engaging in our university core values of scholarship, free inquiry, character, and humanity.

Career Assessment & Preparation

The CaneCareers offers a lifetime of career assistance. Whether it is deciding on a major, exploring career options, finding an internship, planning for graduate school or landing that big job, we are here to help.

Jaci Chavey

My education at TU was foundational to getting my internships with Phillips 66 which allowed me to grow as a professional and further my career.

Jaci Chavey, Phillips 66 - 2019 & 2020 Intern, B.S. Media Studies, Art Minor

Transition to the Workforce

One of the main functions of the CaneCareers is to help our students and alumni find jobs and internships within their chosen career. We are here to help you transition from life at TU to your dream profession.

Maggie Holtmann

CaneCareers has been the most helpful tool to assist me with securing internships and preparing for the job application process. Thanks to CaneCareers, I'm ready to apply for jobs with confidence.

Maggie Holtman, Chemical Engineering, Class of 2021

Meet the Coaches

Our Career Coaches are here to support you in finding the career of your dreams!