Career Services Resources for Students Studying Abroad - The University of Tulsa

Career Services Resources for Students Studying Abroad

From The University of Tulsa Study Abroad Handbook:

The time that you choose to study abroad may create particular challenges for finding either a summer or full-time job when you return. It is possible to both study abroad and find a job, but it does take planning BEFORE you leave the country. Here are a few tips for managing your job search while out of the country:

  1. Don’t try to conduct a job search during the time you are physically out of the country. The whole point of studying abroad is to immerse yourself in another country. Trying to find a summer or full-time job while you are out of the country is difficult, frustrating, and unlikely to yield results. After all, an employer may be reluctant to call you in Prague to conduct a job interview. That is why it I very important to develop a strategy before you leave the country about how to manage your job search. The key: Plan ahead!
  2. Prepare a current copy of your résumé, including your study abroad experience under the “Education” section. This will inform an employer that you are not currently at TU.
  3. Prior to the time that you leave the country, confirm your registration with
    Career Services by: 1) creating or updating your user profile on Golden OpporTUnities (; and 2) upload a current copy of your résumé. Once you have completed registration with the Career Center, you will be able to access online job listing services.
  4. Meet with a Career Services Staff member prior to the time you leave the country. A TU career counselor can advise you about strategies to use when applying to particular companies and industries. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
  5. Contact companies who regularly recruit at TU prior to the time you leave the country. If you will miss the fall recruiting season, send a cover letter and résumé to the employer expressing your interest in working for the company, explaining that you will be out of the country during the regular recruiting season, and requesting an opportunity to interview early. You may also suggest interviewing in December if you will be returning for the winter holidays. Especially if you are a graduating senior, it is important to have your résumé considered alongside the other graduating students, even if you will not be able to interview at the same time. A career services staff member can assist you with preparing your letters.
  6. Attend any career fairs scheduled prior to the time you leave the country. Many of the TU career fairs are scheduled early in the semester, and it is likely you will not yet have left the country. These are a terrific opportunity to network with employers, explain that you will be out of the country, and make alternate plans for interviewing.
  7. Use your winter holiday wisely. If you are planning to return home in December and January, plan to meet with companies and alumni. For summer job seekers in particular, you may be able to line up your summer job during this time.
  8. Have back-up plans for your return. You may need to think creatively about your plans when you return. Some programs do not end until well into the summer, and summer job seekers may find it hard to secure an internship that will last 4 weeks or less. The summer after you return may be a great time to volunteer in your community or work a casual job to make money. Don’t worry that you will be penalized for not having a summer internship — employers will also consider a study abroad experience valuable. If you are looking for full-time work, be prepared to work in a temporary job for a period of time while you job search.