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Career Services

Student Nicole Eden

Why I Choose an Internship with Phillips 66

No Complaints I had only heard great things about Phillips 66. My older brother had worked there along with several of my good friends I knew from college and mentor programs. Because of that, I learned a lot about the... MORE

Brittany Hess

Brittany Hess

“My idea of the professional world turned out to be very different than I thought.” Brittany Hess shares her insights on entering for the workforce, how school prepared her for the professional world, and three pieces of advice for students... MORE

Steve Green

Steve Green

How did Steven Green go from getting a Bachelor of Arts Degree to working for Phillips 66’s IT Department? Good question. Steve shares his journey from graphic designer to solutions integrator along with advice for students, his perspective on creativity,... MORE

Claire Hicks

Claire Hicks

Claire Hicks shares her top things she looked for in an internship, the resources she used, and why she ultimately went with Phillips 66. What Resources Did You Utilize When Evaluating Options for Internships? One of the biggest ones I... MORE

student with a backpack on campus

Why Students Should Utilize Career Services

The purpose of college is to equip students with the practical knowledge and a solid foundation to step into the workforce with confidence to launch their career. The utilization of Career Services is one of the largest and most valuable... MORE

whiteboard with notes on it

Why Interning is an Investment into Your Future

According to a 2017 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 87% of surveyed companies use internships to recruit college students for future employment. The advantages of internships can play a huge role in helping you learn what... MORE

man thinking deeply

Turn Your Internship into a Job

According to research taken from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, companies hired more interns in 2017 than they had in previous years, new studies show that 60% of the time, having had an internship will result in a... MORE