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Career Services

business man running to meeting

9 Tips To Improve Your Internship Program

Internships programs have proven to be one of the most valuable resources for companies searching for ideal employees. Internships give companies the opportunity to take a closer look at the people they could potentially hire in the future. It serves... MORE

internship benefits - students at table

4 Internship Benefits for Business

Internship programs provide benefits not only for the student, but are valuable for any corporation no matter the size or industry. As a company, you get the chance to take a closer look at potential hires and a new perspective... MORE

Ben Brown, student

Ben Brown

Looking for internship options? Ben Brown, a senior at The University of Tulsa, talks about the benefits of using Career Services, attending job fairs, and advice for the first day. Ben Brown is a senior at The University of Tulsa... MORE

Jaime Nunez

Jaime Nunez

Jaime Nunez describes his journey in how setting one appointment with Career Services ultimately landed him his dream internship at Phillips 66. Where to Start I was interested in doing an internship after my sophomore year, but I had no... MORE

Abigail Chellis

Abigail Chellis

Abigail is a mechanical engineering major at The University of Tulsa and just completed an internship at Phillips 66.  She is currently pursuing full-time employment with Phillips 66 after graduation.  Below, she describes her journey as a student seeking an... MORE