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Celebrating Chinese New Year

This blog post is written by Chinese student and chemical engineering senior Jiangshan Ruan.

Chinese student

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is an important cultural and historical aspect of Chinese culture. It specifically pays homage to family, ancestors, and to each respective heavenly deity. We celebrate by breaking from the busy aspects of our lives and focusing on family. My family and I celebrate the Chinese New Year as most other families do through feasting and spending time with one another. We make dumplings or have a hot pot together, so we can have a nice conversation and family time while preparing food.

This zodiac year falls upon the monkey, which is the ninth animal on the Chinese zodiac. More specifically, it represents the red fire monkey of the calendar. The monkey signifies intelligence and quick wit.

I believe that The University of Tulsa is an excellent place for international students because it takes the initiative to make international populaces feel connected to their home and culture. TU hosts a variety of celebrations and holidays from all cultures in order to bring students’ traditions to them and other crowds, so that they can experience it as well. In respect to this, I plan to attend TU’s Spring Festival, spend time with my close friends and celebrate the Chinese New Year.