Code of Ethical Conduct - The University of Tulsa

Code of Ethical Conduct

The University of Tulsa expects all employees, faculty, administrators, staff, students, trustees and other members of the University community to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct, recognizing that basic principles of ethical conduct require individuals to:

  • act with integrity and professionalism;
  • demonstrate personal and social responsibility;
  • be good stewards of University property and resources in furtherance of the values and goals of our mission to operate at the highest levels of education, research and scholarship;
  • respect differences and honor the rights of all individuals to feel safe and welcome in our community;
  • protect individuals’ privacy and maintain the confidentiality of records, information and data, as appropriate; and
  • comply with the letter and spirit of laws, regulations, professional codes and policies applicable to their positions.

Suspected violations of this Code should be reported to the NAVEX Global (aka ethics-point) confidential reporting system.

Reports of suspected violations will be investigated by authorized University personnel, and disciplinary action for confirmed violations will be taken in accordance with applicable disciplinary codes. Retaliation against someone who has reported a suspected violation of this Code in good faith is strictly prohibited.

Questions concerning this Code should be directed to the office of the Executive Vice President at

Adopted April 29, 2015.