Coming Monday: Internet Hurdles (faculty and staff email) — March 20, 2020

Happy Friday TU,

As promised, we’re sending a note on what next week will most likely look like for connectivity and internet speed. Bottom line: You will experience internet issues. There will be lags, occasional frozen screens and dropped connections. This is not specific to you or to TU; this is a national issue as our web infrastructure is inundated with exponential increase in demand. Everyone is suddenly remote, and now, providers must step up. Our advice? Hang in there. Of course, you can always contact or, but, just like resetting our lives with a self-quarantine, this is all part of the adjustment period.

How can we work stronger and smarter given the current environment? A few ideas:

  • For teaching and supporting, try a flipped approach! Sharing a video together midday may be difficult based on region and resources. Try sharing a video via a link the night before your class or meeting. Use your scheduled time during the day to discuss the video rather than watch it. Encourage teamwork! In addition, if you can replace that assignment with shared screenshots, that might be an even smoother experience.
  • Understanding a new, unequal playing field. Our students love our campus for many reasons. One is the technology we provide for their use 24/7. For example, it’s highly likely our newly remote students will not have printers and scanners at their disposal. California has also just quarantined the entire state, so our students housed there can’t even leave their home to find a printer or scanner to use. Even Amazon is selling out of affordable technology options due to demand. Think about the requirements you are making of students in this new-to-us remote world. Can they succeed? Are there other options? Consider leniency in due dates and expectations for the early part of the week as several students are in transition with housing.
  • Want to discuss creative delivery options for remote teaching? Check out the new Expert Help section on the TU Keep Teaching site: Note: This is not a replacement for the Faculty Resource Center (FRC) team and its Org in Harvey. This is an added layer for discussing unique online options for traditionally face-to-face methods. For course builds and development, email But for deeper personalized conversations, we do have self-identified campus experts ready to share and discuss ideas for online delivery listed on
  • Self-service research. For those who like to research, review a crowd-sourced Google Doc, built by peers, on remote teaching resources.
Where there were once two forks in the road – Academics and Technology – we are now one. We are all in this together and we will be stronger on the other side of this pandemic. We are available for you and to you. Thank you for all of your hard work!Paige and Tracy

Paige Francis
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO
University of TulsaTracy Manly
Acting Provost
University of Tulsa