Commitment to Diversity

November 1, 2018

TU community,

Recent reports of disturbing events fueled by hate have caused students to raise concerns about their safety and acceptance at The University of Tulsa. Paula and I want to pause and remind the campus that everyone is invited to and welcomed at TU. Whether you’re LGBTQ or straight, whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or atheist, whether you’re from a different city, state or country – it is a diverse community that makes us strong.

Our commitment to every student, graduate, faculty member and staffer begins with ensuring our university is safe. We want prospective students to feel accepted when they visit our campus. We want TU to serve as an example to the community of what it means to be inclusive and celebrate all races, faiths and identities.

Paula and I recorded a short video and invite you to share the message with others. We also hope you can find your own ways to embrace the diversity that makes TU such a special place.


Gerard Clancy, M.D.