Community Service Engagement - The University of Tulsa

Our mission allows us to be many things to many people. This is not only good citizenship, it also is excellent education. The process of helping people discover, develop and apply their talents and passions cannot happen in a vacuum; we require a wide range of settings, needs, relationships and opportunities by which we can challenge ourselves. Perhaps the best thing about service-learning is that it can continue for a lifetime.

Outreach: Tulsa and Beyond

A key component of The University of Tulsa’s mission is to engage students in the responsibility of citizenship and service in a changing world. Community service and engagement are integral components of TU, as well as a point of pride for our TU students, staff and faculty members.

Teja Makkapati

One of my all time favorite volunteering efforts was at the St John Children’s Hospital — we made cards and then delivered them to the kids.

Teja Makkapati, Class of 2018, Major: Chemistry Minor: History, Psychology, Biology

Campus Initiatives

The TU mission statement embraces four key values: excellence in scholarship, dedication to free inquiry, integrity of character, and commitment to humanity. Fulfilling these values takes us far beyond the classroom and as a campus community we strive to be good global citizens.

Andrew Mangen

The best thing is that you are the only limiting factor when it comes to your involvement at TU!

Andrew Mangan, Class of 2020, Major: Exercise & Sports Science (Pre-Athletic Training)