COVID-19 General Frequently Asked Questions

During this time, we want to keep you informed so you can make important decisions surrounding your health and safety. Below are general frequently asked questions.

Covid-19 General FAQS

When deciding where to begin your college career, it is important to remember the goal of your overall college experience. Your decision is about the next four years of your life. Starting your classes at TU will not only prepare you to graduate from TU, but it will help you develop relationships with professors, meet friends through residence halls and classes and join organizations in which you could become a leader as early as your first semester. These opportunities will allow you the chance to thrive at TU for four years and adjust to campus life. The COVID-19 adjustments to campus life are temporary, but your decision where you start college is the foundation of your professional and personal life after graduation. 

Our students’ safety and success have always been at the forefront of all our decisions and it is important to remember that the COVID-19 adjustments to campus life are temporary and being implemented on college campuses across the nation. Although the campus experience will look different this fall, many elements will remain the same. All incoming students will be matched with a Student Success Coach who will help them transition from high school to college. Through monthly meetings, coaches will celebrate students’ highs and help navigate obstacles by developing skills and providing resources. TU professors will continue to make themselves available to answer questions, discuss career options and mentor students through research. As always, TU’s class size will remain small for increased individual attention. TU also has the advantage of forging connections and relationships between students, faculty and staff because of our small size and dedicated community.

Anyone on campus is required to wear a face mask outside of their personal working and/or living space to keep themselves and others safe. TU will respect other defined health protocols like physical distancing during all campus activities including academic courses, co-curricular activities, campus events, athletic events and common living and dining spaces.

TU intends to start the fall semester, as scheduled. Thanksgiving will now be the end of on-campus instruction with exams to be given remotely.

TU will be fully prepared at any point during the academic year for a move to a completely virtual learning environment should the health and safety of our community demand it.

Students will be seated with at least 6 feet between each other. Room occupancy will operate at an average of 33% capacity to allow social distancing. Staggered course start times will minimize hallway traffic between courses.

There will be a variety of course options this fall including Hyflex with synchronous online options, in-person and online (asynchronous). Every class will have a back-up faculty member of record and electronic class attendance will be recorded to facilitate contact tracing if the need arises. No one will be forced to attend class in person, instructor or student.

TU intends to start the fall semester, as scheduled, prioritizing the health and safety of students, faculty and staff while recognizing our community’s strong desire to continue offering our students a highly connected, on-campus experience.

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