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Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Bleachers

TU has purchased and installed eight (8) bleachers to provide faculty with additional outdoor space for classroom instruction.  These outdoor classrooms have been installed around campus in areas with natural shade and can accommodate up to 30 students each.  Subject to availability, any faculty member may reserve an outdoor classroom for a single or recurring use during the fall semester. Faculty and staff will need to sign into Ad Astra and complete the booking form.  Reservation requests must correspond to the regularly scheduled dates and times of the underlying course as published in the course schedule. In other words, an MWF 10:00-10:50 course needs to remain at MWF 10:00-10:50 in the alternative space.  Classroom setups are adjacent to academic buildings, but faculty may reserve any available outdoor classroom regardless of where it is located on campus.  If your first choice is not available, and an alternative location is available, the booking agent will offer you the alternate location.

Portable Voice Amplifier

TU has also acquired voice amplification devices available to any instructor who would like one. These Portable Voice Amplifiers include a personal speaker, microphone, and adjustable headset.  These devices may be requested through your college dean’s office.

Campus Map with Outdoor Classroom Spaces