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Alexander Health Center

Located in the Alexander Health Center building, the Counseling and Psychological Services Center offers clinical services to all students and a broad range of professional, educational and consultative services to faculty and staff. We are trained to help college students adjust to the changes and transitions of college life as well as to help faculty and staff function more effectively in their roles. The staff is devoted to helping with any concerns that might require psychological assistance.

The staff at the counseling center are dedicated to supporting and fostering social and emotional growth for the TU campus community.  The guiding principle and primary value at the core of all of the programming and efforts put forth from the counseling center staff can be distilled down to “wholeheartedness”:

Wholeheartedness is about integration. Integrating our thinking, feeling, and behavior. It is putting down the armor and bringing forth all of the scraggly, misshapen pieces of our history and folding in all of the different roles that, when falsely separated, keep us feeling exhausted and torn, to make a complex, messy, awesome, whole person. – Brene Brown, Dare To Lead


All clinical contacts at the counseling center are strictly confidential as protected by law and professional ethics.

Scheduling Appointments

Professional services (counseling, consultation, programming, etc.) are by appointment and can be arranged either in person or by calling 918-631-2200.

The staff provides for dedicated times throughout each week to meet with individuals seeking services, and on average is able to schedule the initial intake appointment within a two-week time period, depending upon individual schedules.

Contact the staff of Counseling and Psychological Services.


Beginning in August of 2018, students will be afforded 10 free individual or couples therapy sessions each academic year (defined as August to July). Students can utilize an unlimited number of therapeutic sessions beyond the 10 free appointments at $10 per session. There is a $15 fee for any appointments scheduled but not attended and not canceled (“No Show/No Call”).

All fees are collected at the discretion of the professional staff, and at no time will present a barrier to services for critical or severe clinical needs. Other nominal fees associated with certain assessment tools can occur, but will be discussed prior to any billing or request of payment.

Eligibility For Services

Clinical services in the form of individual, group, and couple’s counseling sessions are provided to currently enrolled students at the university. The professional staff are available for consultation to any student, staff, faculty, family, or community member for situations potentially requiring psychological consideration related to a member of the TU community.

Group Therapy

Joining a group of people, you may not know, can sound intimidating at first, but group therapy provides many benefits like a strong support network and sounding board. Learn more here. 

Crisis, Urgent, and Emergency Situations

If a student is in crisis (i.e., at risk of harming self or other, in need of immediate psychological attention), they are welcome to call TU Counseling & Psychological Services at 918-631-2200 and/or walk in to Alexander Health Center anytime Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

You can request a counseling appointment utilizing the words “crisis” or “urgent” in order to meet with a counselor as soon as that can be arranged.

After hours, in the event of this type of situation we recommend calling Campus Security at 918-631-5555. Campus Security has additional resources available, including an after-hours contact phone number for TU CPSC personnel.


Additional resources in the Tulsa area include:

Family & Children’s Services – Crisis Services (Including a mobile crisis team, COPES and the Crisis Care Center)                                                    918-744-4800

Laureate Psychiatric Hospital                                                               918-491-5600

Parkside Psychiatric Hospital                                                               918-588-8888


Students at TU take care of themselves and take care of one another.  CaneCares is a simple online tool for you to communicate any concerns or observations you may want to share about a friend, a neighbor, or your community.  CaneCares reports are read by TU staff members trained to assist in many ways. CaneCares provides a convenient way for you to step in and make sure a fellow student gets the help that they may need.

Please note that CaneCares reports are not intended for emergency situations.  If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance in real-time, call 911 or contact Campus Security at (918) 631-5555.

Submit a CaneCares Report


The counseling center staff is dedicated to contributing to and supporting the professional development of future clinicians.  We offer pre-doctoral, practica experiences.  If you are interested in applying as a practicum student, you can contact the CPSC staff to inquire for more information including the application.

In addition, the counseling center is a member of an APA Accredited internship program, Northeastern Oklahoma Psychology Internship Program (NOPIP).  Please visit the NOPIP site for more information and application requirements.


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