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Self-Help Mobile Apps



Helps users with meditation, relaxation and mindfulness

Calm Harm Logo

Calm Harm

Based on research to help reduce urges to self-harm

Clear Fear Logo

Clear Fear

Offers help and support when feelings of anxiety become overwhelming

circle of 6 logo

Circle of 6

Choose 6 people to send personal messages to if in danger

Meditation Studio Logo

Meditation Studio

2-15 minute meditation "courses", multiple option to find what you like

MyPlan Logo


Provides resources and helps users create plans for abusive relationships

PTSD Coach Logo

PTSD Coach

Manage symptoms of PTSD, track progress, and provides information

Relax Melodies Logo

Relax Melodies

Create custom relaxing melodies and offers a meditation program

Self Help Anxiety Management Logo

Self Help Anxiety Management

Offers education and self-help exercises

Virtual Hope Box Logo

Virtual Hope Box

Offers distractions, inspirational quotes, coping tools, and relaxation techniques

Way Forward Logo


Match with a mental health coach to help manage anxiety

Headspace Logo


Most popular meditation app that can help with everything from anxiety to sleep

ACT Coach Logo

ACT Coach

Has mindfulness exercises, helps identify values, set reminders to act on values

Breathe2Relax Logo


Breathing app that walks user through different breathing exercises

CBT-I logo

CBT-I Coach

Tracks sleep habits to provide feedback and recommendations for better sleep

Positive Activity Jackpot Logo

Positive Activity Jackpot

Helps to schedule and plan nearby pleasurable and rewarding activities

Whats Up? Logo

Whats Up?

Provides skills for overcoming negative thinking and teaches coping skills

Mindshift Logo

Mind Shift

Offers skills to overcome worry, panic, phobias, perfectionism, and social anxiety

Happify Logo


Promotes happiness through various games and quizzes