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Cycling programs win Bellmon Sustainability Award

TU has received a Henry Bellmon Sustainability Award for its efforts to implement and expand two popular campus cycling initiatives, the Yellow Bike program and the TU Riders Network (TURN). University officials accepted the Quality of Life for All award at a gala on Sept. 17 in Tulsa.

News-BellmonAward-2015The statewide annual awards are granted through a partnership with Sustainable Tulsa and the Tulsa Southside Rotary Club and Foundation. The organizations strive to raise awareness and reward individuals, organizations and companies dedicated to quality of life, responsible economic growth and environmental stewardship.

TU’s Sustainability Committee manages several programs across campus including recycling, energy management, paper initiatives, food drive collaborations and the Yellow Bike program. Since its establishment eight years ago, the Yellow Bike program has created a campus culture of healthier living and environmental conservation.

Nearly all of TU’s more than 500 bikes are checked out for free to students, faculty and staff for the duration of a semester or the entire school year. TU provides helmets, locks, bike racks and most recently bike service stations for minor repairs and adjustments. Also, the university’s Hurricane Bike Shop employs a small group of students who conduct routine repairs and maintenance.

Earlier this year, the TURN program was created to encourage cycling across campus and within the Tulsa community through mentoring initiatives and bike services. For more information about TU’s cycling initiatives, please visit