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Elena Doshlygina, Ph.D.

Applied Associate Professor of Russian

Director of Russian Language Program


Elena Doshlygina, Ph.D., is an applied associate professor of Russian. She is a leading expert on the affective-semantic approach to teaching languages. This methodology is designed to unleash reserve capacities residing in the personality and to utilize the affective aspects of language learning. In the innovative approach, a classroom setting is planned in such a way that it facilitates easy and fun learning. In the state of relaxed concentration our brain is most open and receptive to incoming information. Her philosophy of teaching has been implemented in Anne S. Woolslayer Russian studies classroom, which was designed to ensure effective teaching and learning. In a stress-free environment, students learn five to seven times faster without consciously knowing about it. Her research interests include innovative methods of teaching languages, the psychology of language acquisition, cross-cultural communication, and cultural studies.

Doshlygina directs The University of Tulsa’s Russian language program. She teaches all levels of beginning, intermediate and upper level classes (12 different classes).

Awards and Honors

  • CARTA Excellence in Teaching Of the Russian Language Award, Central Association of Russian Teachers of America
  • The George Platt Outstanding Teacher of Russian, Oklahoma Institute of Teachers of Russian


  • Ph.D., Moscow State Pedagogical University (MGPI), Moscow, Russia

Research interests and areas of expertise

  • Russian language
  • Civilization and culture
  • Russian literature
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Psychology of language acquisition
  • Affective-semantic approach to language teaching
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Dialogue of cultures