Odilia Nyadong, DNP - The University of Tulsa
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Odilia Nyadong, DNP

Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing

  • Health & Natural Sciences: Nursing
  • odn9547@utulsa.edu
  • 526 Oxley College of Health and Natural Sciences


Odilia Nyadong, DNP, is an assistant clinical professor of nursing specializing in medical-surgical nursing, with over a decade of nursing bedside experience in acute care settings. Her dedication to nursing practice has spanned across three states – Georgia, Florida, and Oklahoma.

With a profound passion for nursing education, she has dedicated her career to shaping the next generation of nursing students. The essence of her teaching philosophy lies in the firm belief that every student harbors the potential for success, regardless of their academic background or prior experiences. Students are bound to succeed with the right mentorship, guidance, and a strategic approach. Her commitment extends beyond the classroom, as she believes in the importance of nurturing compassionate, skilled nurses who can provide exceptional care to the most vulnerable populations.

Odilia Nyadong is pursuing her Ph.D., focusing her research efforts on chronic diseases. She aims to improve our understanding of these complex health issues, find innovative solutions to enhance patient outcomes and inform clinical judgment in the classroom.


  • DNP, Chamberlain University

Research interests and areas of expertise

  • Medical-surgical nursing
  • Acute care