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Meal Plans

With all of TU’s dining options, students can pick the meal plan that best suits their needs. Each meal plan includes Dining Dollars that can be used at any of the on-campus dining venues. They are accepted for food and beverages and in most vending machines. All Dining Dollars are assessed per semester. Dining Dollars must be used within the academic year, as they do not transfer to the following year and are non-refundable.

Dining Rates

2022-2023 Rates

Meal Plan TypeNumber of Meal SwipesDining Dollars IncludedCost of Meal Plan per Semester
Gold Plan19 meals per week300 Dining Dollars$3,194
Silver Plan12 meals per week500 Dining Dollars$2,683
Bronze Plan7 meals per week600 Dining Dollars$2,457
3rd Year Option - 80 meals per semester80 meals per semester300 Dining Dollars$1,757
3rd Year Option - 45 meals per semester45 meals per semester650 Dining Dollars$1,520

2023-2024 Rates

Tier 17 meals per week and dining dollars$2,083Plus, selected dining dollar amount ($500, $750 or $900 per semester)
Tier 212 meals per week and dining dollars+$392Plus, selected dining dollar amount ($500, $750 or $900 per semester)
Tier 3All Access Pass and dining dollars

All Access - Students will have unlimited access to Pat Case Dining Hall and 17 meal trades.
+$1,234Plus, selected dining dollar amount ($500, $750 or $900 per semester)

Meal  Trades

Meal trades are an added convenience that allows you to use a meal swipe from your TU dining plan on a pre-fix combo at any eatery in the Student Union. This additional option along with a meal swipe at Pat Case Dining Center for all-you-care-to-eat food allows you maximum flexibility with any meal plan.

There are TWO WAYS to utilize this meal swipe trade at eateries:

(1) MOBILE: Open your Mobile Ordering app from your mobile device (Apple Store & Google Play), scroll to find the pre-fix combo at the desired eatery, and view eligible and customizable options. When confirming your order, click “Auto SV” and select “meal trade” in the pop-up box. This will pay for your meal as a meal trade instead of utilizing other forms of payment like dining dollars.

(2) IN PERSON: You are also able to use a meal trade at eateries when ordering in-person – signs at each venue specify the pre-fix combo. Once at the register, ask the staff member to utilize a meal swipe trade and you are all set!

NOTICE: All meal rates will be subject to a $.50 convenience fee that will be charged to your dining dollars first or another form of payment if you are out of dining dollars. This fee helps maintain the number of eateries and options for your convenience.

Dietary Needs

Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. For more information, please contact the Housing and Dining Office at 918-631-2516.

Change your Meal Plan

Students can change their meal plan by the first Friday of school (Noon) each Fall and Spring semester.  Please submit your meal plan change request.