Emergency fund to help students during COVID-19 pandemic

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic disrupts life everywhere, we extend a special thought to those hit hard, including people who have fragile health, front-line health workers and service-industry employees who are losing shifts and jobs. We are living through a profoundly challenging moment, but we remember that eventually the virus will peak and life will begin moving back toward normal.

In the meantime, TU is keeping close tabs on the latest guidance from public health authorities and has taken steps to limit the risk of exposure on campus:

  • Classes have moved online through the end of the spring semester. Students, faculty and our IT team have done an incredible job of adapting quickly to the new system.
  • We have suspended all events for now (although we are still considering the best course of action for 2020 Commencement ceremonies). It hurts to lose our active spring schedule, but our priority is to “flatten the curve.”
  • Most TU employees are working from home, thanks to capabilities like VPN connections, online file sharing and web-based conference calls. We are grateful to have these tools at our disposal.
  • Campus housing is being restricted to special-permission cases, and dining has converted to a pick-up system operated out of an on-campus food truck. This is certainly a departure from normal, but it will avoid crowded situations with high risk of exposure.

Student Emergency Fund

Many of you have asked what you can do to help. The immediate focus is on helping our students; one way to do that is to give to the Student Emergency Fund. This reserve is a financial lifeline for students in crisis and is particularly impactful now as students’ lives are disrupted and we seek to support them in every possible way.

If you are moved to help, you can make a gift at tualumni.com/covid19.

Thank you for thinking of us.

For ongoing updates, the latest coronavirus information is on this webpage and is updated regularly.