Employee news and updates (faculty and staff email) — March 30, 2020 - The University of Tulsa

Employee news and updates (faculty and staff email) — March 30, 2020

Travel policy 

In response to the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, TU has updated its policy and now requires students, faculty and staff to self-quarantine off campus and record their temperature twice daily for at least 14 days after traveling outside the state. Those returning from travel abroad or on board a cruise ship also must be screened through a call with Alexander Health Center (students) or Hurricane Health Clinic (employees) before stepping onto campus. Information on TU’s travel policy as well as full COVID-19 response details are available online.

Shared experiences

Like the rest of the TU community, McFarlin Library has moved to remote teaching, learning, research and working, and several staff and faculty members have shared thoughts about keeping personal journals about the new experiences we’re all having as teachers, students and workers in this “Brave New Virtual World.”

Are others on campus having similar thoughts? Have you begun keeping a journal? If so, would you be willing to share it with others and to have it archived as part of a broader narrative about the TU experience during the 2020 pandemic? If you are interested, please contact us at speccoll@utulsa.edu.

Sports courts closed

All outdoor sports courts on the TU campus are closed until further notice. The green spaces are still open for enjoying outdoor activity as long as individuals practice safe social distancing.

Faculty research grants

The deadline for full-time faculty to apply for the Faculty Research Grant Program is April 6. The new maximum funding level for individual grants is $4,000. Recipients may not receive funding from other university-sponsored research programs during the same fiscal year as the faculty research grant.

In line with TU’s Social Distancing Policy and current remote work environment, applications should be submitted electronically to Debra Owen at debra-owen@utulsa.edu and Debbie Raffensperger at debbie-raffensperger@utulsa.edu. The application form has been updated to allow for electronic signatures.

Call for statements of support 

Congratulations to Kevin Harris, Dave Kobel, Adriana Rivers and Cristina Smith Williams! They have been nominated for the Q4 Pillar Awards as exemplifying the TU Commitment.

Send in your story of how they have positively impacted you or someone you know on campus. All submissions will be included as statements of support in the nominees’ files before final consideration in the review process.

Statements of support for Q4 nominees are due Friday.

TIAA help

During this time of uncertainty, if you have questions about the stock market, TIAA has information to support your goals.

Overall market commentary

Market jitters perspective

How to weather stock market volatility

Market diversification

Investing for long term goals