Esport Teams - The University of Tulsa


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Fisher Hall

  • Call of Duty

    Team Captain: Nick Marris

    Tony Maldonado

    Matthew Graham Asbury

    Noah Salazar

    Zack Mattie

  • League of Legends

    Team Captain: Matthew Owens

    Colton Tankersley

    Adli Bachtiar

    Hamza Bahamdan

    Khanh Nguyen

  • Overwatch

    Team Captain: Kevin Gerstner

    Isaiah Darden

    Alonzo Sabino

    Anupam Terkonda

    Isaac Soto

    Thomas Graham

    Kyle Domingos

  • Rainbow Six

    Team Captain: Adam Tang

    Max Johnson

    John Stacker

    Alexander King

    Diego Fortanel

  • Rocket League

    Team Captain: Duke Schaffner

    Ben Truong

    Hunter Boone

    Team captain, Duke Schaffner AKA Razz (rank Grand Champion II), is a senior Electrical and Computer Engineering student from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, who has been on the team since its conception in 2017. Starter Hunter Boone AKA Grizz (rank Grand Champion II) is a Junior Computer Science student from Fort Smith, Arkansas who joined the team in 2020. Starter Ben Truong AKA Mushu Pork (rank Grand Champion I) is a senior Mechanical Engineering student from Tulsa, Oklahoma who joined the team in 2019. The TU Rocket League team qualified for the 2019 Spring Collegiate Rocket League Tournament and made an appearance on the official Rocket League Twitch account. They also recently won an Oklahoma collegiate tournament, winning each member a brand new HyperX Cloud Core Gaming headset. The Rocket League team is looking for new players for the Fall ’21 season, as two of the three players are graduating in May.
  • Valorant

    Team Captain: Shadow Pritchard

    Nicholas Horak

    Gavin Jones

    Noah Lopez

    Chrystian Marshall

    Blake Carter