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Establishing Transition Management Office (employee email)

Dear colleagues,

As you no doubt already know, on Friday, Jan. 29, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new strategic plan for TU. This is a tremendous step forward, and I believe this plan has the potential to transform this institution. I am grateful to the board for the approach they took with this planning process and for listening to the priorities of the faculty, staff and administration.

Your feedback was especially important in shaping the plan. As our partner in this work, Boston Consulting Group listened, took input seriously, rethought and recalibrated as the plan evolved. We now have a plan we can all get behind, one overwhelmingly approved and endorsed by both TU’s Faculty Senate and Staff Advisory Council.

The next step is for TU to organize and begin implementation. To best facilitate and coordinate the myriad of tasks required, I am establishing a Transformation Management Office (TMO) led by newly appointed Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) Paige Francis. Paige has demonstrated she is an expert in defining and implementing strategic priorities, building consensus and fostering teamwork and collaboration. She is known for clearly defining goals, aligning people and resources and consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. She will continue to function as our chief information officer while serving as our interim CTO.

The implementation plan is dynamic and will continue to evolve. Faculty and staff will play a critical role in executing the plan successfully, so leveraging TU subject matter experts to bring the plan to life will be a central part of the operation of the TMO. We will provide additional details on this organizational structure in the coming days and weeks.

As members of the university community, we all have a vested interest in the success of this institution. We now have a roadmap and the opportunity to help TU take a significant step forward. I am eager to work with Paige and many of you on the implementation of our bold new strategic plan.

With warmest regards,

Janet K. Levit
Interim President