2016 Faculty Development Summer Fellows announced

The University of Tulsa’s Faculty Development Summer Fellowship program stimulates and enriches research and scholarship at TU by providing support for selected faculty members to work full time on a significant project during the summer.

Janet A. Haggerty, vice provost for research, is pleased to announce the 2016 fellowship recipients:

  • Danny Arthurs, music
  • Salvatore Aurigemma, accounting/management information systems
  • Briggs Buchanan, anthropology
  • Matteo Dalla Riva, mathematics
  • Dan Farnum, art
  • David Fisher, psychology
  • Timothy Hart, management and marketing
  • Jennie Ikuta, political science
  • Sandeep Kaur Kuttal, computer science
  • Angus Lamar, chemistry/biochemistry
  • Gabriel LeBlanc, chemistry/biochemistry
  • Peggy Lisenbee, urban education
  • Travis Lowe, sociology
  • Danielle Macdonald, anthropology
  • Maria Maurer, art
  • Jose Miranda-Lopez, accounting/management information systems
  • Keija Parssinen, English
  • Judith Raiford, music
  • Paulo Tan, education
  • Bethany Theiling, geosciences

Success in this competition speaks well for the applicants’ proposals and for their colleagues’ confidence that they will make significant contributions to the scholarship in their fields.