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Funding Your Education

The University of Tulsa is committed to enrolling and graduating the most talented students by offering competitive recruitment and financial aid packages that make the university an option for high-potential students.  We know the cost of a first-class private college can take your breath away.  Our tuition and fees go toward keeping our student-to-professor ratio low and our academic standards high. Paying for college involves a partnership between our students, their families, and the university. We look carefully at the unique financial circumstances of every family and offer the best package of support possible.  We believe in our students so much and we are proud to offer a wide range of scholarships and financial aid options to help all students in their journey to success!

The Office of Student Financial Services

The information below provides more information about your financial aid award and its determination. Our office is committed to providing personalized service to families as they work through financing an education at The University of Tulsa.