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Direct Deposit and Refund Information

The University of Tulsa strongly encourages your enrollment in direct deposit for all refund checks that you receive from TU.  The advantage of having direct deposit is that the funds will be deposited into your account one day earlier than you can pick up a paper check from the Bursar’s Office.  To set this up, please follow these simple instructions:

  • Login to the TU Portal
  • Click the “Web Advisor for Students” tab
  • Once on that tab, click “Student Financial Information” and then “Direct Deposit Info (non-payroll, US Banks)”
  • Enter all the required information and read all the terms and conditions.
  • Check the box at the bottom of the screen that states “I agree” and select submit.

The loan funds will disburse to TU during the first week of classes, as long as you have completed all requirements necessary for them to do so.  The Bursar’s Office will then take out all charges and request the excess in a refund to you.  They have 14 days from the date the loan credits to your student account to issue this refund to you.

If you need to purchase books at the TU Bookstore, you can request an advance out of your refund from the Bursar’s Office one week before classes begin and they will put money on your TU ID to allow you to purchase the books at the TU Bookstore.

If you have any questions concerning your Financial Aid, please contact your dedicated Financial Aid Counselor or you can contact our main office at 918.631.2670 or  For questions regarding the status of your refund, please contact the Bursars Office at 918.631.2600 or If you do not receive an answer, please leave a message. Your call is important to us and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We are very excited for this 2020-2021 academic year!

Vicki Hendrickson
Director, Student Financial Services