Renewing Financial Aid

Renewal of Awards

Financial aid awards are determined annually. You must reapply for federal aid each year you wish to receive assistance. Renewal of aid beyond the first year depends upon your academic record and your continued need as based on the most recent financial information.

As a freshman or transfer student, if you do not meet the required GPA for your scholarship, Student Financial Services will send you a contract through the Center for Academic Support (CSAS). This contract will offer you workshops and tutoring through the CSAS office.

If you sign the contract prior to the first two weeks of the fall semester, and agree to the terms and conditions of the contract, your scholarship assistance will be reinstated at 100% for your second year. For students that started in the academic years 5 prior to the Fall of 2017, if you are a junior or senior, and have not met the GPA requirements for your scholarship Student Financial Services will review your scholarship eligibility based on a sliding scale depending on the GPA requirements.

If you have questions regarding the sliding scale, you should contact your Financial Aid Counselor for further clarification. If you leave TU and want to return and are in good academic standing for your scholarship assistance, if you have not attended another educational institution, you will have your remaining semesters reinstated. Endowed scholarship are renewed depending on the criteria restricted by the donor.

If you have questions regarding the renewal of these accounts, you should direct those to your Financial Aid Counselor. If you have attended TU for 8 semesters, have not yet obtained a degree from The University of Tulsa, and are still in good standing academically for the academic scholarship, you may submit an appeal to the Office of Student Financial Services to have your scholarship funds renewed.

If the appeal is approved, your scholarships will be renewed at 50% of scholarship eligibility for no more than 2 additional semesters during your fifth year of study. The Office of Student Financial Services reserves the right to ask for a degree audit. You will be notified in writing if the appeal is approved or denied. Timely submission of the FAFSA and all information requested is required for renewal.