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Tuition and Fees

2022-23 Tuition & Costs for Incoming Students

Tuition, room and board (subject to change)FallSpringTotal
Tuition (12-18 hours)$22,783$22,783$45,566*
Room Rate (double occupancy)$3,700$3,700$7,400
Dining/Board Rate (12 meal plan)$2,691$2,691$5,382

* Estimate based on 12-18 credit hours per semester @ $1,588 per credit hour

Student Fees (subject to change)FallSpringTotal
Student Services Fee*$485$0$485
Student Association Fee**$80$80$160
Community Fee***$125$125$250
Technology Fee****$250$250$500
Health Fee$200$0$200
Residence Hall Association Fee$25$25$50

* Student Services Fee covers orientation, graduation, course drop/add processing and unlimited transcript requests. This is a one-time charge assessed during the first semester of enrollment.

** Student Association Fee supports organizations for various activities on campus.

*** Community Fee includes various academic support services.

**** Technology Fee supports technological / it services.

Additional costs for books and supplies vary with the course of study.

  • Average cost for books – $1,200
  • Average cost for travel – $2,450

Please contact The Office of Student Financial Services for other cost of attendance budgets.  For more information on Summer 2022, please click here.