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Withdrawal Information

When you provide your withdrawal notice to your academic advisor, you are instructed to contact the offices of Housing, Bursar, and Financial Aid regarding any expenses you may have incurred. If you withdraw after the 60% point of the semester and all your financial aid has credited toward your student account, typically no changes to your aid will occur. However, if you withdraw before the 60% point of the semester or if all your financial aid is not processed by the time you withdraw, your aid may be adjusted.

The Return of Funds Policy section provides more specific information concerning TU’s withdrawal policy and the Return of Title IV Funds requirements. If you are thinking about withdrawing during a semester, it is important to meet with a financial aid counselor so they can review your aid status with you.

Repayment after Withdrawal

When you withdraw from the university, repayment of your student loans begins 6 months (or 9 months for Perkins loans) after you are no longer enrolled at least half-time. If you enroll at least half-time in a college (either at TU or another school) during your 6 month grace period, you still can qualify for an in-school deferment.

The following breakdown explains what is considered at least half-time at TU during regular terms:

Full Time Hours Half Time Hours
Undergraduate 12 + 6-8
Graduate 9 5
Law 12 6


For summer terms, the definition of half-time enrollment is:

  • Undergraduate – 6 hours
  • Graduate – 5 hours
  • Law – 6 hours

If at any time you drop below half-time enrollment, you become ineligible for Federal financial aid with the exception of undergraduates who may receive their Federal Pell Grant for less than half-time.

Withdrawal Policy

The University of Tulsa’s refund policy refers to the amount owed by a student for various categories of university charges when a student withdraws, drops out, or is expelled within a given time frame within a term. The withdrawal policy may change without notice.

Students withdrawing during a semester at The University of Tulsa will receive a refund based on the following calculations.

Fall or Spring Term

Tuition Refund
Up through 1st day of classes 100%
Day 2 through end of 1st week 90%
Weeks 2 and 3 50%
Weeks 4 through 7 25%
Remainder of semester 0%

Summer Term

Tuition Refund
Up through 1st day of classes 100%
Day 2 through day 4 80%
Day 5 through day 7 50%
Day 8 through day 10 25%
Remainder of semester 0%