Finding Common Ground – November 15, 2019

Dear TU colleagues,

By now, many of you have read Chairman Fred Dorwart’s communication regarding the recent vote. We appreciate the support and confidence of the Board of Trustees as well as the ongoing encouragement from many of you.

This vote was driven, in part, by the difficult but necessary changes taking place across campus. It also reflects an increase in such actions on campuses everywhere. Indeed, these are tumultuous times for higher education.

For those who feel they have not been heard, we assure you, we are listening. You have our commitment to continue a dialogue as it relates to our future and how best to positively impact our students. Through such conversations, Provost Janet Levit, Faculty Senate President Scott Holmstrom and Vice President Jennifer Airey opened expedited pathways for proposals of reimagined academic programs.

Our common ground is our love of and sense of obligation to The University of Tulsa. Even with dissenting views on our path forward, we are steadfast in support of our students’ experience and ultimate success. With this foundation, we are confident in our ability to respond to our challenges – immediate, long-term and yet-to-be-seen.

We remain committed to the hard work of so many in the implementation of our 2017 – 2022 Strategic Plan and the companion 2019 True Commitment. We also remain committed to maintaining open avenues for conversations with students, alumni and employees – especially the Faculty Senate, the official representative body of the faculty, and the Staff Advisory Council, the official representative body of the staff – to hear their concerns and, more importantly, implement ideas that will drive our future success.


Gerard P. Clancy, M.D.