Five Reasons to Attend Orientation (From Your Peer Mentors)

Students sometimes ask us, “Do I really need to go to New Student Orientation?” Whether you are a transfer student, incoming freshman, or even from the Tulsa area, students highly recommend attending New Student Orientation.  

Our Peer Mentors are dedicated to ensuring incoming students have an amazing Orientation experience and feel equipped and prepared to begin their journey at The University of Tulsa.  

When asked, “Do I really need to go to Orientation?” Our Peer Mentors say, “Yes!” and below are some of their reasons why.  

  1. Meet new peoplestart building relationships, and make memories 
    • “While yes, it is a ton of fun, orientation is way more about relationship building and taking the first steps to establishing yourself as an individual and an adult in college.” 
    • “Orientation at TU is something that students never forget.” 
    • “Orientation provided me with a group of friends (who I still hang out with on the regular!)” 
  2. Become better acquainted with TU campus
    • “New Student Orientation is really helpful in getting a student acclimated to campus and student life. It helps so that a student does not just feel lost and thrown into the midst of things when they start school.” 
    • “It’s a great way to become familiar with the campus before classes start. 
  3. Gain important insight and information on the college experience from upperclassmen
    • “Orientation provided me with a group of upperclassmen mentors who always checked up on me.” 
    • You will get introduced to organizations and clubs and get a jumpstart on what it means to be a Golden Hurricane!!” 
  4. Learn about the amazing campus resources  
    • You will get valuable information about resources and campus life that might be hard to find on your own.” 
    • “To connect with TU culture and spirit. To learn how to ask for help.” 
  5. Feel more comfortable and confident starting classes
    • “New Student Orientation gave me the confidence to go into my first day of school. By the end of the week, I felt prepared for classes to start and to begin this new independent way of living on campus!” 
    • “It is a time to become more comfortable in your new home at TU. It is a time to relieve the anxiety and stress of starting college.” 

“New student orientation is vital for freshmen because it will help ease the transition into college. Being able to know the campus, make some new friends, and have a feel for your fall schedule/routine prior to your first day of classes is so important! Additionally, transitioning into college can be tough. Orientation will help make the process more fun!”  

We would love to have you be a part of this amazing experience. If you haven’t already, register for Orientation and jumpstart your TU experience!