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Immunization Information

Oklahoma State Law requires all students who attend Oklahoma colleges and universities to provide proof of immunization for certain diseases. Medical, religious and personal exemptions are allowed by law and must be made in writing using The University of Tulsa Certificate of Exemption form. All exemption forms are located at the AHC and must be completed in the office.

Please visit the CDC website for information on Hepatitis B, MMR and Meningitis vaccinations.

Downloadable Immunization Form
TU Immunization Record

Oklahoma Law requires that first-time enrollees, who reside in on-campus student housing, be vaccinated against meningococcal disease UNLESS:

  1. The individual signs a written waiver that he/she has reviewed the information provided by TU regarding the meningitis immunization and has chosen not to be immunized, or
  2. In the case of a minor, the individual’s parent or guardian signs such a written waiver.

Visit the Immunizations Required by Law page for more information.

You may use the patient portal to input your immunizations and upload documents. Once you input and upload your immunization information, a staff member will verify it and note your account as compliant.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a hold being placed on enrollment. AHC staff is unable to remove holds until proof of immunization is provided.