Notification of Medical Illness Policy - The University of Tulsa

Notification of Medical Illness Policy

Class attendance requirements are determined by the faculty of each department and are outlined in the course syllabi. All absences should be considered by the instructor on a case by case basis. In accordance with academic policy as outlined in the University Bulletins, a personal illness is not an excused absence. If a student has an illness which requires him/her to be quarantined, the student can sign an “Authorization for Release of Medical Information” form allowing a member of the Alexander Health Center to notify the Center for Student Academic Support.

The Alexander Health Center will not provide “medical notes” for students who come to the clinic for an illness or injury. A notification of medical illness form will only be given if the student is seen by a physician or nurse and is considered to be acutely ill or a public health threat (serious contagious disease). A student visiting the Health Center for routine illness or injury should schedule an appointment for a time that does not disrupt academic responsibilities. Walk-in times and a daily waitlist are also available. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Alexander Health Center at 918-631-2241.