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Hello, new life!

My Orientation group, Old School Bagels
My Orientation group, Old School Bagels

By: Luke Bertaux

Six weeks in and The University of Tulsa has been absolutely incredible! Living away from home seems daunting at first. In fact, I am living 298 miles away from home; however, all of the typical feelings of nervousness and stress that one would typically get when moving off to college quickly subsided for me because of the wonderful experiences that I have had and the people I have met. Let me tell you about a few of them.

Move-in day and orientation were amazing ways to start off the academic year. Moving in was a breeze as I pulled my car up next to my residence hall and current students quickly transferred all of my belongings from my car to my dorm room.

Our weeklong orientation was filled with fun activities to help us become acclimated to the university.

Since it was so hot, our theme for the week was “hydrate or diedrate.” Despite the intense heat, we all managed to have a great time. Playfair was one of my favorite activities, and its goal was for us to meet as many people from our class as possible. At Playfair, I high-fived every single student of the 800+ students in our class!

Me and two friends at a TU Hurricane football game
Me and two friends at a TU Hurricane football game

I have already been able to get involved in several organizations and activities on campus, including Hardesty Hall Government and Global Scholars. I was also able to secure a work study job on campus, and I work at the Williams Student Services Center in the Collins College of Business. Working on campus is really neat because the staff works with your class schedule, and it isn’t too difficult to balance your work study job with your classes.

I have also enjoyed attending different sporting events on campus. With your TU ID, you can get access to any sports games on campus without having to purchase a ticket. Some games that I have attended include the football game against OSU and the soccer game against SMU. Reign cane!

My work study office
My work-study office

I am really looking forward to the rest of the year as well as the rest of my career at TU.


The short time that I have been here so far has been fantastic, and I know that more unique opportunities are soon to come.


Luke Bertaux is a freshman at The University of Tulsa pursuing a dual degree with majors in International Business and Spanish. He is from Keller, Texas, and in his free time he enjoys running and performing music.