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Henneke Center

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Established in 2009 in honor of former TU President Ben Graf Henneke, the Henneke Center for Academic Fulfillment serves to recognize and support TU’s educators in their accomplished teaching, dedicated advising, and professional leadership.

Henneke coined the center’s dedication to “academic fulfillment,” envisioning this resource center as a place where professors might nourish their own “appetite for lifelong learning,” as faculty seek to cultivate the desire to learn in their students and to equip students with the skills to pursue it. The center is founded on four pillars of faculty academic fulfillment:

  • Teaching: in all its forms and variations
  • Scholarship: in the myriad ways that this is expressed across all disciplines
  • Service: including service to the university, scholarly community, and the wider public
  • Professional Development: to support faculty in their career development

To fulfill its mission of faculty support, the Henneke Center runs programming related to the four pillars of teaching, scholarship, service, and professional development including workshops, writing groups, teaching support, and junior faculty mentoring. In addition to traditional workshops led by experts, the Henneke Center runs programming based on models of mutual aid to foster collaboration and community across campus.

The Henneke Center is located in the Faculty Garret (room 5100) on the fifth floor of McFarlin Library, next to the space where Henneke officed from the 1930s until 2009. Here you will find the Henneke Center Faculty Library, which houses a collection of books related to faculty teaching, scholarship, and professional development.

For information about upcoming events and programming, please visit the Henneke Center on the TU Hub.

For questions about the Henneke Center, please contact Director Danielle Macdonald at danielle-macdonald@utulsa.edu.