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Henneke Center

Established in honor of Ben Graf Henneke, the Henneke Center for Academic Fulfillment serves to recognize and support TU’s educators in their accomplished teaching, dedicated advising, and professional leadership.

Professor Henneke coined the center’s dedication to “academic fulfillment,” envisioning this resource center as a place where professors might nourish their own “appetite for lifelong learning,”as they seek both to cultivate such a desire in their students and to equip them with the skills to pursue it.

The Henneke Center was inaugurated on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at the annual All-Faculty meeting. To view Dr. Jeanette’s inaugural lecture on Fostering the Personal and Intellectual Development of our Students or to view subsequent lectures by Therese Huston, Eric Mazur, Ken Bain, or Andrew Delbanco click here and use your TU username and password to login. If you have any trouble accessing the video, please call Denise at 918-631-2122 or email henneke-center@utulsa.edu.

The Henneke Center is located on the fifth floor of McFarlin Library, in the space where Emeritus President Henneke officed from the 1930s until 2009. We’re one flight up from the Faculty Resource Center and the Faculty Reading Room.

For information about upcoming events, please visit the Henneke Center on Campus Portal.