Theme Housing Program

TU’s Theme Houses have been selected for 2019-2020 academic year.  Check back in early late Fall 2019 for details for next year.

TU’s Theme House Program creates stronger links between the learning and living environments within our apartment community. Theme houses provide unique opportunities within the living environment and on campus through educational programs related to a specific theme.

A Theme House consists of 8-12 students who share a common interest they would like to develop and share with the campus community. Each Theme House has two student Theme House Coordinators (THC) who are responsible for leading the members in planning house programs and serving as a liaison to the Office of Housing and Dining. Each house member is responsible for participating in the planning and implementation of at least one program per semester. A faculty or staff member advises the house members in their efforts.

Informational Meetings

At least one Theme House coordinator from each prospective house must attend an informational meeting. These will last about 30 minutes and include time for Q&A. The informational meetings will be held at noon on February 7 in the Mayo Student Activity Center and at noon on February 13 in the Norman Village Clubhouse. 

Questions? Contact Darrin Priest at 918-631-2343.


Benefits of living in a Theme House:

  • Each Theme House group provides preferences and is assigned apartments in close proximity to each other before regular housing selection begins.
  • Each Theme House is allotted funds to use for its educational activities. These funds amount to approximately $600 per house per year.
  • Theme House members receive ongoing leadership opportunities and periodic training.
  • Theme House members gain experience in event planning.
  • Theme House members have a group living experience organized around a theme.
  • Theme House members have the opportunity for regular contact with professional educators (university faculty and staff).

Requirements to Participate

1. All students applying for Theme Housing must be in good academic and student conduct standing.

2. All Theme House participants must abide by and comply with the terms and policies outlined on the TU website and in the Housing & Dining Services License, in addition to all terms as outlined in their specific Theme House Agreement. Failure to comply with all terms and agreements may result in revocation of Theme Housing status.

3. Once members sign a Housing and Dining Services License and select an apartment in the Theme House selection process, they are no longer eligible to participate in any other aspect of the Housing Selection process.

Application Process

Any group of current students that meet the requirements may apply. However, Housing is only able to support and sponsor a limited number, so the process is competitive.

To apply, the theme group must complete the following (available beginning February 1, 2019):

  • Outline of Theme House programs
  • Theme House contract
  • Theme House Coordinator expectations
  • Faculty/staff adviser commitment form
  • Theme House video

Applications and videos are due Thursday, February 28, 2019, by 5 p.m.

Due to the timing of this process, late applications will not be considered.

Please note: Theme House candidates who are NOT selected as a Theme House should plan to choose housing through the Lottery system using your assigned Lottery numbers and timeline for that process.

Theme House Selection Criteria

The following criteria should be considered in your application and video:

  • Educational value of the theme to the Theme House members
  • Educational benefit/impact of the theme to the campus community
  • Thoughtful and well-planned programming ideas to enhance the theme
  • Students’ working relationship with the Theme House advisor
  • Advisor’s commitment to the Theme House and its students
  • Students’ ability to identify resources and contacts that will make the theme successful
  • Listing at least 3 learning objectives for the house and a plan to meet each one
  • Completeness and timeliness of the Theme House application
  • Success of the house in meeting past year’s requirements (for returning houses), including the ability to fully occupy the house
  • The group’s plan for membership selection/recruitment, both mid-year and in subsequent years

Interest in Theme Housing is very high, so Housing Staff will carefully review both the application and the group video to make acceptance decisions.

Video guidelines:

  • Videos can be up to 4 minutes in length.
  • Be creative!
  • Videos should focus on and provide information about the following three areas:
    1. Describe the proposed theme of your house and why you would like to be a Theme House. (This is the most important information.)
    2. What do you feel would be the educational benefit of your Theme House?
    3. What contribution do you feel this theme would make to the campus community?

Theme House Expectations

Residence Life has the following expectations of each Theme House:

1. The house must have a specific educational purpose that goes beyond merely enabling a group of friends to live together. This educational purpose must be clearly stated in the application.

2. Theme Houses must present three programs per semester. Of these six programs, one per semester can be geared toward only the theme house residents, and the other four should be advertised and open to all apartment residents. Theme Houses must also complete the Theme House Program Evaluation after each program.

3. Each Theme House must set at least three objectives that identify what they hope to learn through the experience, and what they can contribute to the campus community.

4. Each Theme House must have two student Theme House Coordinators (THC), and a faculty or staff advisor. The THCs should meet with the Theme House faculty or staff advisor on a monthly basis.

5. Each Theme House must have full occupancy. Vacancies that occur during the year must be advertised and filled with eligible upper-class students.

6. Residents should plan to participate in regularly scheduled house meetings including a mid-year evaluation of progress toward Theme House goals. Planning these meetings is the responsibility of the Theme House Coordinators.

7. Each Theme House member is expected to participate in the planning and organization of at least one Theme House program per semester.

8. Theme House Coordinators (or a house representative) will be required to attend training sessions with the Housing Staff. Plan on one meeting in March, one in August and one in January.

9. Theme Houses that do not fulfill the above expectations may be subject to:

  • Denial of theme house programming funds
  • Reassignment to another area in the current year, or future years
  • Denial of future applications for Theme House renewal
  • Inability to retain apartment for future license periods

Important Dates

Application Available:
Friday, February 1

Informational Meetings:
Thursday, February 7 at noon at the Mayo Student Activity Center
Wednesday, February 13 at noon at the Norman Village Clubhouse

Application Due:
Thursday, February 28, by 5 pm

Notifications of Theme Houses for 2019-2020 Academic Year:
Friday, March 1

Apartment Selection for Theme Houses:
Wednesday, March 6, 3 – 5 p.m. in the Mayo SAC