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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions related to housing and dining selection. If you are unable to find your answer please email

General Selection Questions

Students who plan to return to the same apartment after their study abroad semester can sign up for Semester storage. Then they can leave all their belongings in the apartment and simply leave for the semester, and their roommate’s housing rate remains unchanged. A lock can be installed on the bedroom upon request for $40.

These options allow residents the ability to share the same bedroom and a non-gender specific suite bathroom at LaFortune House regardless of sex, gender or gender identity. This means students of different sexes or genders can live together within the same residence hall suite on a designated floor/wing. If interested, these options are available through the online self-selection process.

#1 Self-Selection Priority – Retaining current space

Students who are eligible to retain their current space, have the highest priority to retain their current assignment. These areas are not eligible to retain their current assignment:

  1. Fisher South Hall (First-Year Residential Experience)
  2. Hardesty Hall 2nd Floor (First Year Living)
  3. West Suite 2nd Floor (Sophomore Housing)
  4. Suites dedicated to Living-Learning Communities (informed by email).


#2 Self-Selection Priority – Current Apartment Resident (Switchers)

All apartment residents that complete a housing and dining agreement by March 7, 2021 will select in random order within this classification order: 1. Law/Grad, 2. Seniors, 3. Juniors, 4. Sophomores, 5. Freshman.


#3 Self-Selection Priority – General Housing Lottery 

All other students that complete a housing and dining agreement by March 7, 2021 will select in random order within this classification order: 1. Law/Grad, 2. Seniors, 3. Juniors, 4. Sophomores, 5. Freshman.


#4 Self-Selection Priority – First come, first served 

All other students that complete a housing and dining agreement after March 7, 2021 and by March 31, 2021 at 11:59pm will self-select in order of application.



Yes, you will need your TUnetID (ABC1234) and Password.

If you don’t know your TUnetID, the IT help desk can provide it for you. Please have your Student ID (Ex. 1234567) handy and call 918-631-3500 or email and provide your student ID number and phone number and the help desk will return your call.

If you don’t know your Student ID number, please double check your admissions emails or contact your admissions counselor.


For Fall 2021, students do NOT need to pay the enrollment fee before they participate in housing selection.

It is our intention to allow visitation to resume in the Fall 2021.

The housing agreement is a commitment to live on campus for the entire academic year from the date it is signed and submitted.

All residence hall students will be charged the same residence hall rate for the 2021-22 academic year regardless of occupancy. Private rooms are available, space permitting.

Parking permit registration will open for housing students within 24 hours of making a selection or receiving an assignment confirmation email.  For commuter students, parking will open July 15.

Because the Greek recruitment happens after everyone has moved into University Housing, please complete the housing agreement and self-selection process as described. Then once you have completed Greek recruitment, please follow this process and timeline for First-year Greek Moves.

Hardesty Hall, LaFortune House, and Fisher West Suites. 

These common-interest living communities offer you exclusive learning opportunities with faculty and staff around shared passions to apply what you learn in-class to everyday life. Some of the dynamic co-curricular communities include: 

  • “Gender & Sexuality Inclusivity” (Campus Apartments) creating spaces to discuss lived experiences & allyship. 
  • “Sophomore Housing Experience (SOHO)” (West Suites) offering City of Tulsa leadership & networking opportunities for Sophomores. 
  • “University Honors” (Hardesty Hall and Campus apartments) for students enrolled in the TU Honors Program. 
  • “Esports & Gaming” (West Suites) offers a unique program for students interested in gaming, either as a member of university-sponsored Esports teams or as a recreational gamer. 
  • “Gender Inclusive Housing” (LaFortune House) offers students the ability to have suite/room mates who are the same of different gender identity. 
  • Students can apply for a Living-Learning Community on their housing agreement, but please note that space is limited. By choosing an LLC option you will not self-select online at a later time, but will receive priority placement from our office with suite/apt mate matches in the corresponding community. 
  • For more information on LLC’s, please visit the LLC website.

Current students will continue to have access until May 1.  After that time please contact

Incoming students are given 7 days to make their housing selection. After the time expires, an assignment will be made automatically. Once an assignment is made, a confirmation of the assignment will be sent to the student’s utulsa email address.  Housing applications submitted after July 15th will be assigned a room by the Office of Housing & Dining Services.

Current Students: Current students who have submitted their Housing & Dining Agreement by March 7th will receive an email on March 9 at 5 pm with their self-selection start time.  All others who submit their agreement after that date will select starting April 1-May 1, first come, first served.

Incoming Students: The first round of self-selection start times will go out on June 1 to students who have submitted their Housing & Dining Agreements by May 31, 2021. After that, you will receive your self-selection start time at 9:00 am on the next business day.  Housing applications submitted after July 15th will be assigned a room by the Office of Housing & Dining Services.

All incoming housing and dining agreements submitted on February 15th, 2021 will receive the highest incoming selection priority times – this specific day of applicants will receive a random selection start time during the earliest incoming selection period. For agreements received after Feb 15th, all incoming students will select their assignment in the order their agreement was received. Please note, roommates will select with the start time of the earliest agreement submission.

Retention research shows that living on campus can greatly enhance a student’s educational experience and success. Thus, all first year student are required to live in University Residence Halls and second year students are required to live on campus and both must participate in a University-provided meal plan unless they are formally exempted to reside in the primary residence of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in which the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) reside full time and which is within a 20-mile radius of the campus. Students fulfill the requirement after spending two years living and dining on campus (post high school). Academic credit hours and/or class status do not exempt one from the policy. This policy applies to traditional first and second year students and international students. It also applies to transfer students who have not completed two years at another university (post high school). (Completing two (2) years of residency/dining post high school, not via earned credit hours fulfills the requirement.) Married students and students 21 years of age and older prior to the start of the license period are exempt. All first or second year students under 21 years of age desiring to live at home with parents/legal guardian(s) should obtain and complete a Housing Residency Exemption Form. This form should be signed by parents and notarized prior to submission.

Yes, it is our intention to allow roommates in the residence halls for the 2021-22 Academic Year. All 2021-22 Academic Year residence hall spaces will be billed at the double room rate, regardless of the number of occupants assigned to the room. In order to request a roommate, both roommates must match with each other on (both students need completed housing and dining agreements in order to match as roommates). Then, the roommate with the first start time should participate in self-selection and select a room -or- receive a living-learning community assignment. The assigned roommate should send an email to to request that their matched roommate be assigned to the room. If for any reason the ability to have roommates becomes not possible due to conditions beyond our control, roommates will be split up and assigned as close to each other as possible.

All incoming students can use My College Roomie to make friends groups and interact with other incoming students. Once students completes a housing and dining agreement, they are able to match as roommate/suite mates (they are same thing in this system) with other incoming students that have a completed housing and dining agreement.

Yes, but it requires submitting a request to

New incoming students may withdraw their housing application and request a refund of the housing application fee by June 1, 2021. The request must be received at by June 1, 2021. After June 1, the application fee is non-refundable. 

New students to campus housing will pay the housing application fee as the last step during the submission of the Housing and Dining Agreement. Current students residing in campus housing have already paid this will not be required to pay an application fee.

University Apartments

Yes, this can be arranged. Please email your requests to and we will be happy to assist.

All apartments are unfurnished. All apartments have kitchen appliances including a refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal. All apartments have full-size laundry machines in a utility area. 

Yes, you must maintain an electric account for your assigned apartment for the entire housing occupancy schedule, including Summer storage. Failure to start and maintain an account will result in utility bill chargeback and additional administrative fee. Student s contact PSO directly at or 888-216-3523.