COVID-19 Update: Cane Transit has been suspended until in-person classes resume.


CaneTransit is a weekly shuttle program chartered by Housing and Dining Services to provide TU students FREE transportation from campus to several shopping centers in the Midtown Tulsa Area. CaneTransit runs on most Saturdays except when there is a home football game (then it runs on Sunday). Check out the schedule below for the regular schedule and pay special attention to other opportunities to EXPLORE TULSA. Save gas, use CaneTransit!

On-Campus Shuttle Stops

Will pick up in the following order. Last on-campus pick-ups are 2 hours prior end of shuttle times.
1st – Shuttle picks up in front of Fisher South at 1:00 p.m. (approx. on the hour)
2nd – Shuttle picks up at Norman Village Clubhouse 1:05 p.m. (approx. on the :05 hour)
3rd – Shuttle picks up at Mailboxes in Brown Village at 1:10 p.m. (approx. on the :10 hour)
Shuttles will attempt to make one round trip per hour.)

Regular Service Stops

1st – Target/Reasor’s (grocery store) on Yale between 15th and 21st St. (approx. on the :20 hour)
** On STATE FAIR DAYS (fall), the drop off at the State Fair Gate on Louisville Avenue will be added.
2nd – Promenade Shopping Mall (Stopping at the Movie Theater/El Chico Entrance) (approx. on the :30 hour)
3rd – SouthRoads Shopping Center (Entrances of Barnes & Noble, Michael’s, Reasor’s (grocery store), and AMC 20 Theaters) (approx. on the :35 hour)
4th – Back to Target/Reasor’s (grocery store) Entrances on Yale between 15th and 21st St on the way back to campus. (approx. on the :45 hour)

EXPLORE TULSA locations will replace these stops but will attempt to make an hourly loop back to campus (unless noted in schedule), but traffic is more likely to cause delays. Tracking the shuttle on the DoubleMap app is highly recommended.

Tracking the CaneTransit Shuttle

You are able to track the CaneTransit Shuttle on your iPhone or Android device. To download the app, go to the app store and search for DoubleMap. Once you download the DoubleMap app, choose the “The University of Tulsa” and select the CaneTransit Route. It will show you real time information on the shuttle’s location.

Please Note The Following

  1. ALL students MUST have their TU ID to ride the shuttle.
  2. All riders are expected to catch the last shuttle. It is not the shuttle driver’s responsibility to wait or find the riders.
  3. No alcohol or smoking is permitted on the shuttle.
  4. It is recommended to catch the shuttle where you were dropped off.
  5. If you miss the last shuttle, you are responsible for getting back to campus.
  6. Shuttle driver may make additional stops, but may not deviate from the shuttle route.

CaneTransit Dates & Times:

  • Fall 2019 DATES AND TIMES

    Fri. Aug 23: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Aug 24: 1pm-7pm
    Sun. Aug 25: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Aug 31: 1pm-7pm
    Mon. Sept 2: 1pm-7pm (Special Labor Day Schedule)
    Sat. Sept 7: 10am-7pm – EXPLORE TULSA – Turkey Mountain and Tulsa Hills Shopping
    Sun. Sept 15: 1pm-7pm
    Sun. Sept 22: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Sept. 28: 1pm – 10pm – ADDED STOP – Tulsa State Fair – Extended Hours
    Sat. Oct. 5: 1pm – 10pm – ADDED STOP – Tulsa State Fair – Extended Hours
    Sun. Oct 13:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. Oct 19: 10am-7pm – EXPLORE TULSA – A Gathering Place & Tulsa Hills Shopping
    Sun. Oct. 27: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Nov 2: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Nov 9: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Nov 16: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Nov 23: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Nov. 30: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Dec 7: Extended Holiday Shopping – 12pm-10pm (EXPLORE TULSA – WOODLAND HILLS – 2hr round trips)
    Sat. Dec 14: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Dec 21: 1pm-7pm
    Sat. Dec 28: 1pm-7pm

  • Spring 2020 DATES AND TIMES

    Sat. Jan 4:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. Jan 11:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. Jan 18:  1pm-7pm
    *Mon. Jan 20:  1pm-7pm – (Special MLK Day Schedule)
    Sat. Jan 25:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. Feb 1:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. Feb 8:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. Feb 15:  12pm-9pm – EXPLORE TULSA – PhilBrook Museum & Utica Square Shopping
    Sat. Feb 22:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. Feb. 29:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. March 7:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. March 14:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. March 21:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. March 28:  10am-7pm  – EXPLORE TULSA – A Gathering Place & Tulsa Hills Shopping
    Sat. April 4:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. April 11:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. April 18:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. April 25:  10am-7pm – EXPLORE TULSA – Turkey Mountain and Tulsa Hills Shopping
    Sat. May 2:  1pm-7pm
    Sat. May 9:  1pm-7pm

    Please remember, delays can happen. Download the DoubleMap App to track where the shuttle is at all times.