We strive to make your campus housing experience the best it can be. This is a page of information that will help you get the specific assistance you need in resolving any issue you may have with your room, apartment or building. Please select a topic below:

  • Cable Television Issues

    COX CABLE – Television Service

    Under FCC mandates, Cox Communications was required to convert all of their service to digital signals. In order to receive the digital signal and the provided channels they are offering, every cable outlet on campus has a converter box installed.

    If you did not receive a remote control at check-in, you may check one out from your building’s department assistant or RA, or in the Norman Village Clubhouse (apartment residents)


    Quick Tips on dealing with a cable box that is not working:

      1. Unplug the power cord for 10 seconds, then plug it back in.
      2. Turn box back on and press the blue cox menu button on your remote.
      3. Go to “Customer Support” in the menu
      4. Go to “Tech Support”
      5. Hit “Self-Test”

    If further support is necessary, please contact Cox Communications directly at 1-855-512-8876 and ask for tech support. Tech Support will work with you to resolve you issue or schedule a technician to come out an make the needed repairs. Please note that you do not need a passcode or be the account holder to get proper tech support. If, for any reason, your tech representative is unwilling to help you because you are not the account holder, ask them kindly for another technician or supervisor that is familiar with tech support on residential bulk accounts. If your call to Cox Communications tech support does not resolve the issue, please inform a Residence Life Staff member for further guidance. If you and your Residence Life Staff member is not able to resolve the issue, please fill out this form.

    If access to a Data Closet is needed by the Cox technician during business hours, please contact the Housing Office at 918-631-2516. If it is after hours, you will need to reschedule the appointment for a minimum of 1 business day in the future, and then fill out the Data Closet Access Request Form.


  • Internet/IT Issues

    IT is responsible for the connectivity of your devices while on campus. If you have issues regarding TU email, Internet, setting up gaming or smart TV/streaming devices, etc, please visit the University IT page for more information, including how to submit tickets.

  • Facilities Management - Heating/Air Conditioning Issue

    Facilities management is responsible for the overall condition of your room. If you have issues related to pests, HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, etc. issues, please visit the University’s Facilities Management. work order system to submit issues.

    We take your comfort very seriously, and if you are experiencing these issues when the weather is over 90 degrees, or below 40 degree, we consider these situations an emergency. In these cases, we ask you to call the Facilities Management directly at 918-631-2245 during business hours, or Call Campus Security at 918-631-5555 after hours and on the weekends.

    During the winter months, we require students living in Apartments to keep the heat on at all time. You can lower your thermostat to 60 degrees to save money, but windows and doors must be closed.



  • Facilities Management - Water leak/Plumbing issue

    Water is the single most destructive force in our buildings. Thank you for coming here to report an issue, as we will respond to the issue very quickly. Please report any active leak by calling the Facilities Management at 918-631-2245, or contact Campus Security at 918-631-5555 after hours and on the weekends.

    If you have a running/dripping faucet or toilet or backed up drain that is not causing any damage at this time, please submit a work order to the University’s Facilities Management.

    Please visit this link for very important water usage information. 

  • Facilities Management - Light out/Something need fixed?

    Whether it is your room or out in the hallway, many eyes help us keep things fixed and in good condition. If you see something broken or a light out on campus, please submit a work order to the University’s Facilities Management.

    Everyone working together will keep TU going strong!

  • Apartment Laundry

    Our University Apartment Laundry Equipment is owns and serviced by Appliance Warehouse, a CSC ServiceWorks Company.

    To request service for the washer or dryer in your apartment, please call:

    Appliance Warehouse
    For the best service, please advise the agent you are calling for COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT #1024601 for University of Tulsa. 

    What to expect from your call to Appliance Warehouse Customer Service:
    1. A request for your account number, provide them with COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT #1024601 for University of Tulsa
    2. A request for your apartment number
    3. A request for a description of the problem
    4. They should give you a service date within three (3) business days
    5. GET a Confirmation Number for tracking their arrival
    6. After 9am on the day of the service, you can check their scheduled arrival time on the Appliance Warehouse website by clicking on the “CHECK ETA” at the top of the page.

    Should you have any concerns about your service from Appliance Warehouse, you may contact the housing office at 918-631-2516 or email us at for assistance.

  • Residence Hall Laundry


  • Bed Adjustments

    If your bed becomes loose or broken, please submit a work order to the University’s Facilities Management.

    You are allowed to bunk your beds but do not attempt to do it by yourself! Get a friend to help. The Facilities Management does not bunk beds. For your safety, you must use proper bunk bed pins and they are available from a staff member.

    You can find approved-bed risers at your local retail store. Never attempt to use risers on bunked beds. Always use common sense and safety when adjusting your bed.