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Fisher Hall

We are thrilled that you are interested in continuing in campus housing. As a current student, please follow these steps to receive a housing assignment: 1. Complete a Housing License. 2. Match up with your Roommates using the Roommate Finder/Matching System. 3. Contact the Housing office at 918-631-2516 or at to request an assignment. There are many options available and this information will help guide you through the process to retain or select the housing of your choice. If you have not paid your deposit, a one-time $250 deposit is required in order to complete your housing license. The housing deposit is a reservation fee that will remain on your account throughout your stay in campus housing and is refundable per the terms of the housing license or upon completion of the housing license.

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Living on campus has given me the opportunity to develop long-lasting friendships. It provides an outlet for getting involved on campus too! The halls provided opportunities to get to know other students with events throughout the semester. Brent Shafer, Organizational Studies